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  1. My first few hours of multiplayer Astroneer (2-player) were crash-free, if not bug-free (post-196). Resuming the game resulted in one crash after another - for me, the second player - in the span of 1 hour. The game would close to a 'bug report screen' - I've sent every report. None of the crashes involved a consistent trigger to my knowledge. One possibility would be the environment not loading in caves. The cave surfaces were there, but no plants, stalagmites, etc. At the same time were other bugs like researchables getting stuck in the air or 'bugging out', and even not being able to click on them (even when I was just carrying it and dropped it). On one occasion, I was puzzling over a researchable that I couldn't pick up, and I walked through it - like phased through it, and crashed soon after. Another time I was turning to run away from green gas and crashed. Also, I don't recover my inventory items when I reenter the game - I have to find my body most of the time. And, one time my stuff was just laying around at our base, but I had crashed off somewhere else. I hope that helps.