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    Crashes on Xbox 1

    Sometimes both. I generally turn off xbox by holding down controller button and then turning off console. However, I will often play for hours, leaving it on thru the day. I wonder also if there is something that happens by using multiple devices; i.e. I might play for a while on a Windows 10 xbox device, then another Windows 10 device, and more recently switch to xbox one x. But the powering down the xbox is a good idea, will try that during the day.
  2. Pierce Skinner

    Crashes on Xbox 1

    It happens when I enter the habitat, the shuttle or the rover. When it used to happen it meant that the game would be frozen from that point on, i.e. every time I'd go in and do something t would save. Now, I lose all I've done, but can go back in and play again, and the save will capture the changes.
  3. Pierce Skinner

    Crashes on Xbox 1

    Thank you. Will keep that in mind.
  4. Pierce Skinner

    My Bug List (lag, item movement, etc)

    I've had the experience of walking along and suddenly shooting so high up in the air my astronaut is killed on impact. Perhaps this is a phenomena of integrated levels of terrain? thank you.
  5. Thank you for your reply. I'm trying to figure it out too. So far considering CPU speed, WiFi fluctuations, and whether playing across platforms or devices. I've used Windows 10 xbox on multiple computers to play, and have not added xbox one. I wonder if switching between platforms might affect saves.
  6. Pierce Skinner

    Crashes on Xbox 1

    Thank you for your suggestions. It could be both CPU or WiFi limitations for me. My WiFi is variable. If the game goes to save during a slow speed period it doesn't sync? Thank you.
  7. Pierce Skinner

    Crashes on Xbox 1

    I play Astroneer 1.0 on XBoxOne x and also have the game installed on Window 10 xbox. Same thing happens to me when entering habitat or tractor it is as though there is a zap, screen goes black, and upon re-entering the game all progress has been lost. I started a new game, played about 20 hours and it crashed upon entering tractor. This has been a longstanding problem for me going back to playing the game on xbox windows 10 prior to the 1.0 release of Astroneer.
  8. Pierce Skinner

    ICannot Save New Progress

    Thanks for writing. I have the same problem and have been trying to find the cause. XBox One, several days into a new game, and all of a sudden it starts loading an previous save. Lost so many hours. STart a new game, OK for a while, then lost again. Have tried saving more than once, i.e., save in habitat, get out, save in rover, exit saved game, restart game, am back at a previous save. Today I noted that a window comes up, "Synching" and then I am done for. Hope a solution is found.
  9. Pierce Skinner

    Invisible Barrier?

    That happens to me also, in flattening it skips over an area and I have to advance the astronaut with walking and alter the angle to get the area filled in.
  10. Pierce Skinner

    Game failing to save

    I have been having this problem for at least a month. I abandoned several games and started over. Each time I play for a week or so and all of a sudden, I save (it doesn't matter where, ie, base, shuttle, rover) and when I come back I am at a previous save. I have lost 50 hours of work at minimum. I love astroneer and restart a new game, but I am getting tired of this. I am using XBox one version. I hope a solution is found.
  11. XBox Windows 10 I am having the same problem. By mouse or controller, I cannot select resources in my backpack or on storage or devices. When highlighted I can pick one up with controller right trigger, but it will not seat in backpack or on devices. Am not sure what caused this to happen. restarting program doesn't help. Reset settings doesn't help. Rest bindings didn't help. This started late last night.
  12. Pierce Skinner

    Lost Saves after Update

    I'm playing XBox on PC. I lost my saves yesterday, Saturday July 22nd. A week or two ago, I lost a current save and was back to an older save.