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  1. For some of us Awardhunters, we've been on 56/56 for a while now.... ;-) I would suggest (especially after the last Twitchstream) that more are added when you make updates. e.g. made all recipes from .... machine smelted 100 / 1000 recipes in ... machine Perhaps more ideas can be placed under here. Thanks and good luck to all Award-Hunters, you are awesome. Jake. ;-)
  2. Even on a good computer, press ESC and go to the last tab, There you can change settings from ultra to high etc... Hope this might help mate...
  3. I don't know what autoclicker is... Make sure you save your saves mate...
  4. Hi, as they said before, put a Repacker on them. You will get the resourses back. I just had this for the first time last night, tried moving the machine around, save, close, open... Nothing helped, untill I repacked the damm machine Good luck mate!
  5. Was gonna make same post for PC. Since the 4 Sept 2019 Exploration / Jetpack update the way the Tethers are place has changed... Quote: [AS-6554] - Tethers that were previously disappearing are now spawned in the air next to the player and drop to the ground Even on flat ground repeating hitting the 'place tether' button puts tethers no longer in the same spot, just random around me... Attached: 2 tries with the result Anyone else has problems with running and placement as well?
  6. This is strange, you save when you get in the rocket, so any glitch in space should bring you back to right before lift-off.... On any glitch, the host should then reload the game from the menu and that should be good... even if you are in two rockets... (except if the guest is allready in space when the host jumps in his rochet of cause...) From the 'Groundhogday' complaint it seems there are definitely corrupted save problems out there. We have all been there in one way or another, you just jump back in, and know that de Devs are still doing their best to devellop and improve this game. Is there a place where we can upload our savefiles so the devs can have a look? Good luck!
  7. Hey bro, sorry to hear all that.. but the first rule here is show your specs! Nobody knows if you run a potato or a ferrari, but with one flat...
  8. Not sure that this is a bug. You seem to be able to turn off one individual tethers this way... Sometimes more... Lifting any tether up again will turn the line back on again.... tja...
  9. I don't have all the answers, but we should think 'out of the box' more often..

    A computer thinks in 1's and 0's or pixels, just what it wants on the day... 😉

    Sometimes you have to test the boundries in game, 

    sometimes in real life as well...

    Good luck! JS.

  10. Hi Blue, Your game should have gone to the last save I think, so you may not have saved for a long time? Then the game sees your friend for the first time, just my thoughts, regular saving helps.. Jake.
  11. Amigo, DM me your steam or post it here. Lets see if I, or one of your friends of cause can get you out.. Jake.
  12. Hi Jeff, Just thinking out loud here, can you jump in and out your rocket or car to re-save after you have landed? Test going and landing on another planet (have an extra truster ready there) and see if the save works on there? Good luck mate, let us know if it worked please! Jake.
  13. Hi Alex, Orbiter, There is a possiblity that you vehicle just hangs in the sky, like Wyverias said, a know bug. When you find it hanging again, which is mostly the case, you have to make a bridge to it. When coming closer to your vehicle the gravity sets in and it should come back down... Sometimes just re-entering the save may solve it also...(or delete your last save in the save folder) Orbiter, It could be that your winch is in one of the caves below where it fell thru the earth. Driving around under there in the caves may give you your wich back... Good luck guys!
  14. Hi, there alway should be at least 2 saves in the Astro folder, if they are not overwritten by trying to get in and out the game, delete the oldest and go back into the game. location explaned here https://steamcommunity.com/app/361420/discussions/0/152392549353863460/ Or else, like many of us, restart the game and start fresh with new ideas, we have all been there... Good luck!
  15. Hi, 1. I guess they have a certain x, y, z in the game. Then the planet moves but they don't... If that's the case you have to wait until the planet has come back to almost that same point you left it, and the trucks might be back where they belong... 2. What I've seen is trucks stop moving when you are far enough away from them. You have to make a very long bridge up there, as soon as you are close enough they will start falling down. I hope you like a challenge... ;-) Got Tethers?? 3. Perhaps the chairglitch still works, you go up there, jump out and jump into your truck.. It sucks but this might be one of those 'sometimes hilarious' from the text when you start the game... Good luck anyway. ;-)