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  1. .:[LTF]:. Mr_youd


    same for me Win 7 64b - 0.9.2 steam version I tried to delete personnal seting into conf file, but unlucky
  2. .:[LTF]:. Mr_youd

    "Research Update" - December 18th, 2017

    First, Very nice update. I like the new research process. Maybe i didn't checked before, but i just discover on this update there is some wind on the moon. In my mind there shouldn't due there is no atmospher
  3. .:[LTF]:. Mr_youd

    New ship

    yeaaa GSS is pretty hard to drive but very useful for long traveling
  4. .:[LTF]:. Mr_youd

    "The Excavation Update" - October 12th, 2017

    This update is awesome !!! I love the new modules and the new process for the fuel But, i still to encounter bug below : - Keyboard mapping is not keeped after game restart - Broad & Narrow Mod work like Inhibitor - Medium rover driving still crazy (and i didn't yet drunk ) - Some game crash Thanks Youd
  5. .:[LTF]:. Mr_youd

    "Patch 201" - September 15th, 2017

    So very very hard to drive with small rover in this release (in fact the small rover is completly bug) Big rover look be ok and the new mod is pretty nice !
  6. .:[LTF]:. Mr_youd

    French language

    ce serait pas mal, mais du coup peu accessible pour les dev
  7. .:[LTF]:. Mr_youd

    Cloud saves

    ah ok i got it
  8. .:[LTF]:. Mr_youd

    Cloud saves

    i'm not to understand, what is the value added for th e gameplay ?
  9. .:[LTF]:. Mr_youd

    Est ce qu'il y aura des Mob sur astroneer ?

    il y aura peux etre des animaux de compagnie, mais les dev ne ce sont pas encore prononcés Sinon pas d'autre mob
  10. .:[LTF]:. Mr_youd

    Mouse pointer

    Hi All There is a way to modify the mouse pointer ? Color or/& size ? Currently it's to small & write from me,. Thanks
  11. .:[LTF]:. Mr_youd

    The Storage Module

    very good idea !!!
  12. .:[LTF]:. Mr_youd

    Maybe u bug not sure....

    Hi, you need research items before craft with the printer
  13. .:[LTF]:. Mr_youd

    199 - Steam - Terrain Tool Augments bugged

    So just tried with a new game with release 200 and issue is the same good luck for the debug
  14. .:[LTF]:. Mr_youd

    199 - Steam - Terrain Tool Augments bugged

    from my side it a saved game from 199. I will try with a new game from 200 and let you know
  15. .:[LTF]:. Mr_youd

    199 - Steam - Terrain Tool Augments bugged

    I have the same issue Broad & Narrow Mod work like Inhibitor Runing on Steam, Win 7 Pro 64b Sp1, Intel Core i5-4670 3.4Ghz, Motherboard GIGABYTE H87-HD3, 16 Gb Ram, NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060 6GB