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  1. llkryll

    Xbox One List of Bugs

    Playing on Xbox One with new patch. My original save lags constantly now. No way to see the fps either. I made a new save file and it runs fine, but id really like to play the save file that i have everything on. Other than that i havent had any issues except like 4 times the game crashed. Keep up the great work! Thanks!
  2. llkryll

    "Patch 196" - July 21st, 2017

    Ive had 4 crashes since the patch. It was running smooth this morning and last night, but now it lags and sometime i freeze in mid air with my legs still running. Other than that its the most fun and addicting game ive ever played. Playing it on the xbox one. By the way, whats up with the solid white planet orbiting in space? It doesnt have a name and it cant be selected.