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  1. Can now confirm that this only happened on Glacio for me, and because 4 additional gateways spawned on top of 4 of the ones on Glacio, I got the secret achievement "Secrets of the Universe" when I still had 4 gateways left to power on Atrox.
  2. Alright, Steam, keyboard & mouse. Really strange one, this is. I have done all the gateway chambers on every planet except Glacio and Atrox, and so far I've only encountered this on Galcio. I flew to Glacio, took all my stuff I needed off the rocket, and completed 3 gateways when I noticed one of the ones I had already gone to was "dim" or un-powered again. I carried on and powered a fourth one, only for a second gateway to go dim. So I went back to one of the un-powered ones and this is what was there. The same thing happened with the second one that went un-powered. For some reason the game decided to spawn in a new gateway on top of the one I already powered, and then the one beneath it became completely irrelevant, so I needed to power the new spawned in one in order for it to show back up in the odd stone as "bright."
  3. Posting this right after my last bug report. Steam, keyboard and mouse. I traveled from Atrox to Sylva, then realized I needed methane for something so I flew back to Atrox and decided to take my medium batteries with me. You can see in the pic what happened to them. Again, might be because of something in the latest update, or because it's an old world.
  4. Playing on steam w/ keyboard and mouse. I just got on my only world today, an old world that I first created before even creative mode was added if my memory is correct, but none of the recent updates have ruined the terrain. Every time I press Q to open my backpack, the holograms showing the materials required to craft something in the backpack start shaking violently, and if I don't move while my backpack is open, then they'll stop moving, but they don't recenter themselves. I'm assuming it's just something in the latest update that's messed this up, or it's because the world I play in is old.
  5. Mouse and keyboard, Steam. Up to this point, I am trying to "beat" all the planets, and my next target was Vesania, to which I flew over in the large shuttle and it got to the screen where I circled around the planet to choose my landing spot. At which point, I immediately saw one that was super close to a Gateway Chamber, and clicked on it, but the only thing that happened was the shuttle did some barrel rolls and the camera did a couple 180s, and I ended up still floating in space in the shuttle and the game still consumed my fuel for landing when I really didn't. Have no idea how you could repeat this, but only a minor inconvenience, and the spot highlighted in the pic is the space I tried landing at. I had to go around the planet after it stopped doing this animation of going nowhere, and when I clicked on the same spot, it actually went to it this time.
  6. Right, so I don't have a picture because it happened so fast but just now while I was on Glacio, I dug up the plant that throws those sort of bombs, and upon it disintegrating, I noticed immediately there was a researchable spawned beneath it, but what also spawned were those, I suppose, chunks of the plant that may be left behind which are also research items. Those two spawned above the ground a tad, proceeded to fall, and knocked the researchable below further into the ground, now lost to the abyss. I play mouse and keyboard. Steam. It's not that big a deal seeing as so many researchables spawn, but I figured I'd leave this anyway.
  7. Nah, I had the game sitting as it was for a bit while I went and ate just so I at least had some research points coming in, but hadn't alt-tabbed this particular session
  8. why can't i just delete this comment, i didn't realize there was a button to edit my original post? but now I have to leave something written here
  9. Basically, right after I had taken the shuttle from Terran to Exotic, my entire backpack inventory was flat but I some canisters attached to my gun, some containing a bit of dirt, so I began flattening the land around, of which was collecting organic that dropped immediately to the ground cause I had no space for it. After I finished flattening, I tried to pick up some of the organic just to move it around, but the ring that appears around any item you can pick up suddenly was not appearing, and I could not interact with the items lying on the ground at all. Then I tried taking some of the packaged supplies off my shuttle to deploy them to start the base, but they were uninteractable as well. Then I tried taking supplies out of my backpack, but I could remove nothing and the arrows at the bottom to switch what items you can make didn't work, only closed the backpack when I clicked on them. I was still able to get into a seat, so I saved and closed the game, and when I loaded it back up again, it was fixed. I didn't take any screenshots, but I think this should be descriptive enough for what I am talking about. Was playing on computer, Steam.
  10. When they do finally make it so that the storms can provide power to your base if you have wind turbines attached, they should also make it so that if you have a wind turbine attached to your vehicle, it can be producing power as well while the vehicle is moving as a way to make the vehicle kinda consume less power.
  11. Make it so that bases and other essentials get even more power from wind turbines when a storm is passing through, then the storms will really have some purpose
  12. I think the current cost of the items that cost bytes need to be changed. For the most part, cheaper items should becomes slightly cheaper, and more expensive items should become much more expensive.
  13. I think I found a bug, and it may happen to more objects, but it just happened to me where I loaded into the base, with the black, flattened, un-diggable area around it, and a cave that happened to spawn next to me, I had decided to bring the thruster inside back to my base, and it fell right through that un-diggable area as soon as I dropped it. I play keyboard, Steam on PC IDK, it almost looked like it kinda gave me the option to let it fall through the ground the way the blue image of it was showing as I was moving around. One last thing, I already had a different thruster set down on this area, and that one didn't fall through the ground.