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  1. Thanks! I just visited the second planet. Hope I can survive long enough to find one and get back.
  2. Hi. Any tips how to Unlock the visor for Halloween? Where can I find this plant? (visor description says plant a seed)
  3. Hi. First time I left the planet today. After running around on the moon for about one hour I finally found it! I zoom sone pictures (interacted) but the skins won't unlock on Xbox. What's wrong? I left the game and the 2 items seem to be unlocked now (new game and loading one) PS. Every time I use rb to navigate menus the game is stuck while loading friends (coop menu)
  4. I cleared the cache (restart) and they finally showed up!
  5. I cleared the console cache again and the 2 skins and visor finally popped up!
  6. Why? Taking off the helmet could be an option for it but you lose your items.
  7. Hi. I'm on Xbox and connected but can't see any new palettes or visors.
  8. I tried it again today but still no summer items. Is my account broken?
  9. Just started a new game but no skins in orbit or after landing on the planet. Astroneer version is and it shows summer update message on title. Why are there no summer skins and visors? I'm online and other games work fine online. NAT is open.
  10. I launched the game a few times and started a new game but I see no sun skins or visors. (retro suit is missing too)
  11. Hi. I started 2 new games but I can't find the new summer skins. How are they called? I'm on Xbox.
  12. Hi. We played for 3-4 hours 2 days ago and continued yesterday but the game started to slow down on host and later on client. First only low GPS, later it was stuck for a few moments and then only frozen screen where I had to close the game. Are there still major performance problems after release? I play on Xbox One X.
  13. Hi. Wasn't there some additional suit or color or something if you bought the game early? There was sonething in the patchnotes about it? I got it at launch on game preview but I have the same 4 suits as my friend who started to play yesterday.
  14. hi. Same here on Xbox. My old save has new items around my base and many "holes" in the world where you an see through. I tried to fix but found so many that I gave up and started a new game (save was prior patch). But it seems if you start a new game and load it the same happens with the first Xbox patch.