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    Looking For Players Megathread

    Platform(s): Steam, and WINDOWS 10 Location: USA, New York Language(s): English Microphone: Yes (Discord) Looking for: 3 players Can host: Yes Comment: Usually available through Discord when online.
  2. kelvin Rodriguez

    The Habitat Placement

    lmao, same thing happened to me.
  3. kelvin Rodriguez

    Puzzle Solving or Survival Game?

    I've put in about 30 hours of this early access since its first release, I've recently threw in about 6 hours to see the new updates. I've seen a handful of VLOGs and read through the trello road map, and I'm pretty excited about whats to come. My main question is, what exactly is the challenge when it comes to the game? There are some survival aspects but, its pretty easy to survive as of now, and there is little to no penalty for dying in game. If there game is based off puzzle and exploration, then we're in a pretty solid state with research and easter egg items. Which in this case just means exploring the planet as much as possible and checking every corner of every cave. Maybe winching some bigger space parts together unlocking more content. I understand that it may be both about Puzzles and Survival but what is the priority down the road for Astroneer?