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    How do I...?

    It works but be prepared for crashes 2nd player spawning under ground and trying to make it to the one player without suffocating
  2. Awilson666

    Multiplayer crash

    When playing alone on my XBOX 1 the game runs very smooth and with very little problems, but once another player joins they lander ends up underground and the second player has to start by finding their way out of the caves. The game also seems to run at half speed and crashes a lot. The longest time we have gone without a crash is 90 minutes, but it usually no more then every 30 minutes. We deal with it but we did lose the large rover tech discovery because it crashed before I could save. The problem is very annoying as it a constant event. I understand it is still in pre-alpha, but the sooner this is fixed the more enjoyable it will be. But thank you for creating such a great game.