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  1. I tried to get 2 Titan. In a crashed space ship there was one. As i entered the space ship, there was a camera lag and i could only see the wall of the space ship. I tried to get the titan out of the ship but as i left it, the titan was not there. I'm very very angry about that, because i want to craft the winch.
  2. Nice! I share the most of your ideas! Hopefully they will add them to the game. LeoTM
  3. Dear Astroneer team! I had the idea of rooms for the space station. You need mixture to print the mobile version (it can be placed on rovers and trailers) and for the fixed ground version (it's a module like the smelter or the printer) you need resin to build. In those rooms you have the possibility to place items, check the battery power of your station and you can look at a map (To check the positions of vehicles). It would be nice if you could implement these ideas! Thanks for reading, LeoTM
  4. Hi community! Today I was driving with my big rover. Behind a mountain, there were no plants on the ground. I bounced back as from a "rubber wall". After that my rover had no gravity and I couldn't turn him in the right position. That was very annoying! Do you have tips to fix this? Thanks for your help, LeoTM