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  1. Joe looks like he needs sleep Anyway, I'm super hyped for terrain 2.0 and cant wait!
  2. Explicit Drift

    A mapping function please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Only to need to erase them later due to OCD? I disagree. Im sure a little tablet device with a 2D topographical map of explored areas would not be overly difficult and much more helpful.
  3. Explicit Drift

    Orbit-Tracking Device

    +1 To this!
  4. Explicit Drift

    After crash, can't reload game.

    Update. Unplugged and restarted xbox console. Game loaded this time but restored to a previous save from earlier today. (Maybe three save or so prior to event)
  5. Explicit Drift

    After crash, can't reload game.

    Using controller on xbox one. I had a single large rover parked in front of my vehicle bay (also attached from the rear end). On it was a single rover seat and a medium wind vane both facing away from the vehicle bay. I was preparing to build a crane on the back end. Needed silicone so went to Terran to see if I could get methane. Found out I couldn't but since base was on "ARID" flew back in my medium shuttle with a single rover seat and 2 full canisters of Hydrogen and a full canister of Nitrogen. (1 bottle hydrogen up top, 1 hydrogen and 1 methane where hydrazine would attach) Couldn't tell which spot was the right spot to land on to NOT land on my rover but accidentally landed on it anyway. Freaked out and took off. This proceeded to pull my rover into the sky, yanking it apart from the base, and leaving it suspended in the stratosphere. Landed in another different spot near my base in hopes I could walk back and the rover would miraculously fall back to the planet. When I touched down, the game crashed completely. Upon re-opening, the application would not load beyond the initial circling planets screen. I uninstalled the game and reinstalled only to experience the same effect. Not sure if the rover and shuttle collision had to do with it but at this point I am unable to completely load the game.
  6. Explicit Drift

    The Power Cells Break the game

    I reported this too and no one has said anything about it yet
  7. Explicit Drift

    Patch 0.6.2 - February 28th, 2018

    What about non depleting power cells? Kind of broken imo.
  8. Explicit Drift

    infinite energy using extenders

    The power cells are more broken right now than this Still pretty funny.
  9. Explicit Drift

    Wind turbines during storms

    I wish they'd change that already
  10. Explicit Drift

    Power Cells not depleting as intended

    Okay, to add on this, me and my friend just added a power cell to the front of a rover with one trailer and delivered six research in two trips and never once lost any energy on the rovers.
  11. I play on Xbox one with controller. I made a power cell and connected it to my base. I ran two research projects both at an average of 10 minutes. Even now, none of the cells are depleting on the unit soooo... yay infinite power?