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  1. Ok so the last lil update has cured this for me multiplayer here i come.
  2. one here from the dev team then? would realy like to play thins game but if this goes on fer to much longer its gonna have to be a steam refund.
  3. Yeah very sure as its a fresh install on a new HDD, and yes the on board GFX has been disabled.
  4. Steam restart is not helping on this one. Thanks for the quick reply.
  5. As title suggests when i try to start Astroeer from steam nothing happens, i get Astro and Astro-Win64-Shipping come up on Task manager but they both just sit there doing nothing using 10mb and 30mb. i thne have to restart the computer if i want to try again as i cant kill the Astro-Win64-Shipping.exe task ad steam says the it cannot run the application as it already running. I had no trouble installing any of the third party bits and this is on a fresh windows 7 install. Windows 7 ASUS p9x79 i76950k GTX1080 32gb of ram. Thing is this computer comes from someone else that has just upgraded and he ran this game on this Mobo, cpu and ram so i know it runs. Windows is fully updated as well, ive tried everything short of a reformat, though i doubt it would help at this point. Any help on this problem would be most appreciated.