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    How To Get Rich

    Astroneer is nearly over. You need to think about multiplayer; SELLING server hosts; premium servers. Servers may have player limit. For killing other players we will bury them and make them fall to down. Vehicles must not deal damage to player but may make them fly away and get fall damage. Also all resources must be renewable. They may grow back by time at unloaded places. Actually i think about a planet that grows back. Let say we destroyed a planet than after we leave it will slowly grow back. Caves we dig will slowly disappear. Actually imagine it; planet itself slowly changing. I always wanted animals that spawn and walk around and drop resources. And F16 planes that you can fly with and bombard the planet for faster digging. When resources get destroyed they will spawn inventory materials on the floor. And not digable giant building blocks. For destroying blocks you need to deal a lot of damage. Also i am thinking about making boardgame tools. You may make board game tools for board game companies. Also you could make a great MMOrpg game with living world and economy; with no level limit just exp requirement gets higher. And MOBA MMO survival deathmatch battle royal turnbased game. I dont know guys, making a great game is very easy; why everyone making the same game? Why do game devs copy? We know why a game is failed than why do you make same mistake. You know WOW sucks and each MMOrpg game is WOW clone today; they even worse. LOL socks, Fortnite sucks; they copy them. They make Minecraft clone; without caves and minning and underground dungeons. Is cause of Paul's death secret?
  2. yuno44907

    27 years old Fuel balance

    Most of people played game without watching videos for not to spoil it and there must be an ingame book like a pokedex.
  3. We must not use energy to fill fuel. Fuel is rocket fuel and energy is electric and as you know you disabled trading fuel for materials because getting fuel from electric was OP. Cars with drills are flying if you move away from them also they can go underground. Other planets dont have compound and resin; and this is very annoying for weak players because they dont think about building a trader or extractor on new planet. Planets must have different researches and minerals and all planets must contain lots of compound and resin. Also people didnt understand how to mine titanium. Minerals can be in different planets like minning iron from another planet. Also waiting for travelling to an distant planet is annoying too; there must be list of planets at right side and if they are away it must consume more fuel or add a guide to game. And trade platform, extractor must be end game so they may require titanium. After finish the game you must think about adding flying vehicles. Crashes, explosions, hps, durability; also veils, spires, fountains look less common. Only way to get infinite resources is using spires and energy. You must also think about a combat system. Terrain can be undestructable by combat. You can make it a level up unlock skills system like Trove or GTA style headbut and flying kick or a shooter game. I dont know why game have very easy and simple bugs but you were able to design this animations and transformations and most of coders cant do that; game have very good design and smooth look however somehow it is filled with ridiculous bugs. Another problem is, game is killing computers; it is very heavy and i game must be very light and fast. Making heavy and hard games is very pointless because well known games makes you famous if not rich. Think about pokemon; it has very clones and pirates but still Pokemon is very important and known by everyone and if they do something people talk about it for weeks. This is mass control and you could be more rich and more strong in social world.
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    27 years old Fuel balance

    However this game very bad for children, it really need huge guides and tutorials. People will play like 1 hour than say ah sucks and quit. There is many free games that look better than this game; game must show why it is a very good game; it may give a rover at the start of game than this rover may explode after using it for 20 minutes. Seriously guide videos and articles very important because most of people very useless and spoiled. Even most stupid human must be able to play it. Also research system very bad because some basic stuff not getting unlocked at start. There must be a more fun research system like farming points and after a point it ask for other research pods and a skill tree like research with different point requirements.
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    MODS like Minecraft

    Core code is important so they have to plan things right now. I bet they have plans for winter sports and warplanes. Also looks like marble soccer
  6. yuno44907

    MODS like Minecraft

    MODs keep game alive. Minecraft is populer because it is easy to mod, cheat, edit. So you must make this game easily editable so people can add stuff to game like GTA 5 mods
  7. yuno44907

    Secret Commands

    There must be away to play LAN or internet by using programmer codes. Also we can cheat in game
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    If people cant play how game will be popula in intenet
  9. DEVs must release low graphics version of game right now!! Most of people not buying and playing game because of FPS and hardware burn. This is emergency. Game will lose popularity
  10. yuno44907

    Astroneer The Core

    ATI lenovo have p r oblems
  11. yuno44907

    spawned in a random cave

    Dont you know; if game doesnt load fast, you fall th r ought g r ound So always be in a habitat
  12. yuno44907

    ROAD MAP - Mega Thread

    Planing to build stuff with crane.. So this will be a building game with machines like building skyscrappers. But it looks like a winter sports game with snowboarding and slippery cars. Also you could add warplanes for hunting space dragons.
  13. yuno44907

    Cmon guys..

    ctrl a ctrl c
  14. yuno44907

    Choose a landing site

    Ae you talking about 1979 luna lande?
  15. Options and menus dosnt wok well also when you put tethes to inventoy they may dissapea and get emovd fom game completely. Also when we stat planet loads last and things go to the coe because of you dont load teain befoe loading playes and objects, planet must load fist always o things will fall inside of teain o planet.
  16. yuno44907

    Can you make multiple save files on the Xbox One?

    Detach wagons oves tucks fom each othe they will fly aound until you detach them. And put a windmill on it so neve powe ends.
  17. yuno44907

    What is this and how do I get one?

    At left side its look bugy; yes it must be emoved fom game. It was a game test object used in fist build befoe elease.
  18. yuno44907

    Some Base Modules Will Not Power

    Dont expand you base while tethe attached; if you do you need to attach tethes to non bugged places. Sometimes base expansion may cack the map also if you land to same planet land cacks again. This land cacks can block oxygen and enegy tansfe. While building base always build it aound habitat and than place empty nodes wokplaces must be at the end of base and not connected with each othe like a tain; it must be like a spide web connected to habitat not anothe machine.
  19. 4 slots you got othe saves will not shown and you need to stat anothe game fo having many saves. Each save deletes old vesion of it. Ovewite
  20. yuno44907

    how do destroy buildings?

    Go to anothe planet than Push q cilck to tethe dag it to empty slot o tethe slot and pick it up. You can destoy tethes and maybe items to. Shift click fo auto picking destoys tethes; thats a bug by the way but it woks. Also you can launch vehicles too space by abusing buggy physics.
  21. yuno44907

    COOP problems

    Fom steam o Xboxlive; fom website; fom pofile menu
  22. yuno44907

    Xbox One - PC

    DEVs have to wok fo bug fixes
  23. yuno44907


    You can use esin fo building stuff and test it.
  24. yuno44907

    How do i delete a vehicle

    Cant you place seats to eveywhee? Be smat If you hate that thing too much than place a habitat on it than exit the game
  25. yuno44907

    Removing of platforms from vehicles possible?

    What if 2 playe ides to ove same time; what kind of bug happen than, lets ty