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  1. JackOval

    [Merged] Vehicle Issues

    Here are pictures of my disappearing trucks. First pic, before I exit the game ( I jump into the habitat save and exit) Second pic, after reloading the save ( I load, exit the habitat, then get into position for picture) Third pic, all I did was open and close the backpack. Please note: -The vehicles don't go flying away, they disappear completely and immediately. (teleports?) -This bug affects all things on the ground -I don't go anywhere and come back, this happens right in front of my eyes
  2. JackOval

    [Merged] Vehicle Issues

    Twice now, after loading my save file, ALL nearby vehicles disappear when I check my inventory. There may be related to the floating items in the backpack. I go to fix the floating items, press Q, then things on the ground disappear. Other items on the ground have disappeared as well (eg. storage crates, a generator...). - Mouse and Keyboard - Steam, Windows 10 - Immediately after loading a save then checking inventory - doesn't seem to affect things further away - might somehow have something to do with the floating inventory bug as it doesn't happen later on after I have checked my inventory at least once, you have to load in again
  3. JackOval

    Can anyone tell me what this is?

    I am so jealous right now. I want one. I want to make Rube Goldberg machines with them
  4. JackOval

    Vehicle exit bug, Truck

    Well now I have no idea what was going on. Today, without any update being released, I have been unable to reproduce my own bug... I guess NVM
  5. Every time I exit a truck from a single seat (regardless of what else is attached to it) I spawn under the front end and cause it to do some spectacular flips. I feel like the anti Ace Venture here. I park perfectly, exit the vehicle, then the vehicle flies, barrel rolling, crazily away. - mouse and keyboard - Steam, PC - I'm near my rather large base and multiple other vehicles, but I don't think this matters - I'm not sure of how the three-man seat behaves, better or worse, I only know this happens with the one-man seat - as of most recent update 2016/12/17 Keep being awesome guys, I love this game