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  1. Roger, made a post on this yesterday, having the same issue on xbox one, with non host players having issues connecting their tether with host player. Host becomes dedicated tether Placer lol
  2. I'm on the xbox one, how are you able to make a fine level ground>? Also that is a sick base.
  3. Controller Xbox What were you doing leading up to this bug: When I place my tethers down, my party members (non-host players) are unable to connect his/her tether with mine. I can pick theirs up and connect with mine. Basically, they cant connect with my tether (hosts tether) 4. Any steps that we can take to reproduce the bug on our end is appreciated. Have host place tether down, and see if non-host player can connect their personal tether to the host's P.S. Willing to upload a brief video of the bug.
  4. Totally shocked how an alpha game (Astroneer) is running... this is how you do it SimCity