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    automatic mashine systems

    well, i dont think items get blown away from storms but sth like a conveyer belt doesnt sound bad. I would say its save that atroneer needs some more objects/items or whatever that makes it not getting boring so fast. maybe the other planets could also have some difficulties. but sth to build with different parts would be great - i mean astroneer is still in early access and you all are doing a good job yet!
  2. Hey there!! i just got a new idea concerning the mashines and diffenrent modules. What about a system, like a robotic arm or the like, that sorts stuff in stores or in other mashines to process it. So e.g. i want to have a lot of gib rovers, so i go to the new mashine an put in there some laterit (?). It will now get to the melter and finally to the car bay, so lotss of rovers are build while i just have to care to enough laterit. For the "robotic arm" you also can use the clables or whatever....i would appreciate it if you can bring in a kind of this idea. thanks for reading. bye (P.S. the new rovers are still lagging and behaving unreal)
  3. Benana

    Rover Movement & vehicles

    (e.g.: w for moving forward, s for breaking or moving backwards, a and d for steering; thats what i meant).
  4. Hello there... since the last update the rover movement is different and more difficult than before. It would be great if you could revise the steering, because sometimes its so hard to get out of the base. And heres a new Idea: what about "streets"? thats it! Bye.
  5. Benana

    Vehicle connection is buggy

    right, but before the update the possible connectng distance was quite a bit longer...
  6. Hello... ive found a new bug (i guess its since the last update). When u want to dock the rover to the station again and u already see the predicted line, u can click on it but the rover detaches instantly. So at first u have to drive as close as possible to the station, until u can dock the rover and do whatever u want... thank u for reading and improving bye
  7. Hey there, ive got a few new ideas and also a bug. What i mean is the rocket landing espacially to an old base. sometimes the rocket is landing where it was before starting, sometimes not. And i wanted to suggest a new control system, wich makes us able to choose a landing place by ourselve or even land the rocket with the keyboard (i know it would be just an new zone of problems). but u really need a solution because i have two rockets and when they land in each other i wont be able to add items or use both. it would be helpful if we can select a base (as before) and the we see the base from above and can select a place/vehicle bay/whatever. thanks for understanding (and sry for my english/ if this topic already existed-i didnt found anythink) keep it up!
  8. Benana

    Items are slippery

    Hello i just noticed that the items are a kind of slippery. If you take them and drag them to another place, they will sometimes go through the planet an fall down. But they land somewhere in a cave and so i lost some important items. I hope this bug will be removed as far as possible. Thanks for reading. (tip: just let them fall from heaven or dont let the items go through the planet)
  9. Benana

    online server

    Hello 1. sorry for my english-its not the best After playing Astroneer a few times, i got some ideas for the multiplayer funktion. There are two points that should be improved. At first id like to have an overview of the servers (we are invited to) we can create by ourselves like in minecraft (just for free). Also the servers should be online either the whole time or at least if someone is playing on this server. So the creator doesnt need to be online if someone else wants to gamble. The second point is about the "game statistics" (like our inventorys) of a server. Currently we "die" if we shut the game or leave our friends server, but i would appreciate it, if Astroneer would save our inventorys an lets us spawn at the same point we were while leaving without needing to select an additional astroneer when we enter a server the second, third,... time. I hope u understand what i mean and will put it into practice. Thanks for reading.