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  1. Hey, by the way you can delete saves on Xbox, but you have to delete all of your saves. Go into 'manage game' and delete saved data for your account. This will delete all your saved games on Astroneer so be careful!
  2. I think that text walls are the only way to do it. The Devs seem very dedicated to keeping the Astroneers as ambiguous as possible. Giving them voices may ruin that.
  3. Megabulb25

    "Home" Base like building?

    This is a really great idea I'd love to see. Maybe you should post it in the 'ideas' section of the forum.
  4. Megabulb25

    Ideas for old tech.

    Ha, I though those were just for aesthetics. That's pretty cool.
  5. Megabulb25


    I think a trade system similar to 'Slime Rancher', where the trader has a bunch of items that the player gets if they supply the trader with its desired items, or a currency based system like in 'Terra Tech' where you sell minerals for money, which is used to buy already built modules such as solar panels or batteries. Both of these systems would limit the versitality of trading, which would balance the game a bit more.
  6. That is exactly what I need right now.
  7. Megabulb25

    Solution for tether tether lag bug

    Maybe make tether connections manual. What I mean is that, once placed, a tether will not reconnect to anything unless the player(s) manually do so, much like connecting a rover to a base. This would stop tethers creating lag as rover trains drive by them.
  8. Megabulb25

    Combine Partial Items

    It would also be great if as you collected resources like power, it goes straight from the gun to fill partially consumed resources. That way you wouldn't always have a few blobs of oxygen on the end of your gun.
  9. Megabulb25

    Component Lock (Xbox One)

    I play on Xbox too and this is exactly what we need.
  10. Megabulb25

    Ground scatter request.

    I've been enjoying this game immensely so far, but one major problem has come to mind. I don't know if this has already been said, sorry, but there is too much ground scatter, in my opinion. For example, plants and rocks will often get in the way of your base and sometimes even grow over it, and stones and pebbles in the sand often flip my rover. Also, I kinda have OCD so I like the ground flat and smooth, so all the grass and stones really trigger me. I think that ground scatter should be decreased a lot, but organic harvesting increaced (to account for less plants). Some may disagree with this, so maybe an option to decide the scatter upon creation of a world would be useful. Thanks.