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  1. CocoaSip

    Astroneer The Core

    This is where a jet pack would have come in handy lol Maybe try to stagger it and make a stairwell all the way down so the fall won't hurt you as much.
  2. Thanks for the game save file. I'll download it from your youtube video since I can't from the forum.
  3. CocoaSip

    Astroneer Race

    Wow I love this alot. What a creative idea! It would be so much fun to do races. I love your maze btw.
  4. CocoaSip

    Water swimming and subs

    I like the idea of having a water planet and being able to explore under water in a submarine.
  5. CocoaSip


    OMG yes I would love this too. Very good idea Pooikooi
  6. CocoaSip

    I Love This Game!

    Wow good looking base. I like how you have things organized and spread out.
  7. CocoaSip

    Thank you.

    I will repeat what I said in an earlier post about how Astroneer is what No Man's Sky should have been but wasn't. So I am truly grateful to finally get the game us gamers have been asking for. This game is so beautiful and addicting as I never get bored playing it.
  8. Merry Christmas & Happy New Year to the Devs and thank you from the bottom of my heart. I have been waiting for this type of game for a long time and I feel you all nailed it. Please keep up the excellent work and I look forward to experiencing more of what this game has to offer.
  9. CocoaSip


    This is a great idea actually and would help me out when trying to bring up all that unknown research from the cave. I would rather be able to use a helicopter/drone to pick up these items verses having your character manually carry them out of the cave. I just hope these helicopters/drones can withstand the storm while holding onto the item. I like having options available to me and I can see a huge benefit in having one of these.
  10. CocoaSip


    I love playing Astroneer so much because I feel free to explore in this beautiful open world. I love the fact that I can travel to other planets and not be limited to just one. This game is very peaceful and alot of fun to play. I get lost in moment while playing and I enjoy the graphics as well as the various colors in this game. You can choose to play solo or with friends which is a plus. This is something I definitely look forward to after a hard days of work to relax and unwind. I would love to receive a copy of the sound track to complete my full experience enjoying Astroneer ?
  11. CocoaSip

    Female Astroneer

    The devs are more than welcome to use my voice I don't mind volunteering lol
  12. CocoaSip

    Get rid of clicking button to control camera

    True, nothing wrong with having more options available to us. I know you can change your control settings but I never tried to see if you could with the right click. I have gotten use to the right click but I'm just use to not having to do that with other games. So I try to be adaptable lol
  13. CocoaSip


    Having a drone would be nice to scout out places. You could attach a power cell to it to keep it powered while flying.
  14. CocoaSip


    Yes I would love to experience some gravity on these planets. Great idea