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  1. Yeah, that happened to a friend of mine. You pretty much have to terminate it from the task manager
  2. minermaniac447

    Vehicle connection is buggy

    Yeah, same issue It also is buggy to try and open backpacks from far away
  3. When playing in multiplayer (with a developed base) the second player will often spawn under the habitat, seeing through the ground. When you get out of the habitat that drops you off, you get launched decently high into the air. Version 0.3.10200.0
  4. minermaniac447

    [Merged] Vehicle Issues

    Couple Multiplayer glitches... mostly related to Vehicles. First glitch - if you have a friend in a seat in a vehicle, you can take the seat off WITH THEM IN IT and have them still control the vehicle. Second glitch (involves first one) - if you build a shuttle, put a seat on it and fuel in it, and have a friend get in, then while they are in the seat remove the seat and have them launch... the rover is stuck in orbit forever and the only way out is to die. Also while you're driving in rovers in multiplayer, sometimes the rover randomly stops moving until you get off and back on, and you can randomly take damage and die while dismounting rovers. Just wanted to point out that re-logging seems to fix the shuttle bug.
  5. minermaniac447

    Blowing up Exploders with dynamite bugs them.

    so I just have floating exploders forever?
  6. minermaniac447

    You can link winches to Nothing

    So I accidentally linked a winch to air while trying to link to an object I found. Then, I tried to make it release to no avail. Driving away doesn't help. It just refuses to un-link from nothing, and won't move. I eventually had to leave it behind.
  7. So I found a dynamite next to two exploders, and decided to blow them up. I did so, and the exploders... didn't explode. The research under them was right there, but the exploders were floating in midair without exploding!
  8. minermaniac447

    [Merged] Vehicle Issues

    So one of my small rovers started randomly defying gravity - kinda like this guy's. I had to grab it with a winch to save it.