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  1. Watched the EVGA stream today and that just made something click, will it possible to discover randomly shaped planets, one of the reasons I like Astroneer is the quirky randomness you can discover, though currently if you travel out in to the galaxy it's fairly normal. Would be interesting if you can stumble across square shaped worlds, torus or even a flat ring where you walk around the inside.
  2. Loved the tutorial, thought it would be cool later on if the Data Pods/Chests had not only the need for power but also a key combination of resources to gain access. Higher the rarity of the resource the higher the schematic that it would unlock. Thanks!! ~Goldy
  3. It's in the OP under Specs as per request for bug reports Have only experience this while playing Astroneer, other games have been fine.
  4. Happened again while playing on me own, anwhere I can track down a log that would have been recorded so as I can post it to you all? Have had a look in the eventvwr but don't know what specifically I'm looking for and nothing is showing up around the time stamp. Thanks!
  5. Summary: - Steam - Multiplayer Laptop peripheral lockout Description: Had a major bug happen while playing in multiplayer. -In the hosts side I had apparently died, this was only discovered after one of the other players travelled to where my location was, or what they could see on their screen. From what I could see of them where they had gone and seen my corpse there was quite a far distance between them and me. -The bug locked me completely out of my laptop keyboard, I could not even hard reset through holding down the power button, I had to remove the battery. Sorry if I'
  6. Currently experiencing the same thing Perhaps this is in effort for us to use the new connectors O_o
  7. Possible device to use to unlock satellites rather than having to tethering back to home base? It's something that you carry around with you, as noted in the recent vlog and dev stream. So essential to day to day roaming in astroneer. Would be cool if we need to use it to unlock whatever 'new content' there is.
  8. It's probably what all the resources looked like before they're changed or modified, like a template?
  9. Haha, have a look at a streamed game on OneLastMidnight's channel, took us an hour and a half to pool together enough Resin to build the extractor AND have a have a template
  10. The remains of the ever elusive space whale >_>
  11. Some different heads would be good, I always thought a claw would be great, easier to pick up things like the Solar Array and put it in place rather than playing around with the winch while crossing your fingers
  12. Bit of fun with 5 others landing first on exotic then restarting on barren, heaps of fun with our dynamite hats