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  1. As you see in the screenshot, the Pipes of the Base look a little bit broken^^
  2. I cant connect my vehicle properly. As you can see in the video, if i try to connect the vehicle, it looks like its disconnecting. Btw. Thanks for all your nice work and the game. Hope to see some new content soon For now its very boring carbug.flv
  3. As provided in the screenshot, there are some problems on rendering the menu. I guess its kind of static, or not optimized for all resolutions. Or maybe there is a breakpoint on a given resolution. (NVIDEA GTX 1070; Driver 385.31) (Two monitors plugged in. Gamescreen: 1920x1080, second Screen: 1600x1200) (Windows 10 Build: 15063.540)
  4. Started Game, entered Savegame, had two rounds walking through the Base, jumped a little bit. Then i saw this. Could not reproduce.