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  1. KnavishPlum

    Shipwrecks Duplicating?

    Well, after reading a bit it seems this is not a new bug, but one that I think needs important addressing because of the host of issues it causes. A friend and I recently started a world that was perfectly fine until yesterday when we noticed a shipwreck near us had exploded in population, having what seemed like 20 ships inside each other. Going near it didn't seem to cause too much lag (I on xbox and proceeded to grab the odols of loot inside) unless we tried digging around it or, what finally killed our world, blowing it up. We though the bombing the wreck would fix the issue and man were we super wrong. The first dynamite caused the game to drop to 1 FPS and my game to crash (I am not the host). Host friend tried to use the rest of their dynamite in the hope of completely destroying the wreck and stop the lag, but it only made it worse. That world is now a lost cause. My friend can't load in above 1 FPS and my game crashes on every attempt to join. What is worse is that another world we do with a third friend is now showing signs of this glitch when it did not before. That world initally had two ships in each other, it lagged, but only if you touched it. Now it also has a 20 ships pile that only seems to be getting bigger. What is causing this? It feels like every time we load the world more ships are spawned.
  2. KnavishPlum

    multiplayer support, cant join or invite to game

    My game recently changed what it would show when trying to connect. Instead of just failing, it would get to the loading with "Joining Host" and then fail after 2 min of loading. May not be much, but its still something.
  3. KnavishPlum

    multiplayer support, cant join or invite to game

    My friends and I have been having the same issue! One on PC and two on Xbox. PC friend hosts. We had been playing for about two weeks until the last update came out (1.11.62) and then is just stopped working. Everyone's NAT was open, Xbox services connected, yet nothing seemed to work and we would just get "Session Does Not Exist" or something. We have just stopped playing as we haven't been able to fix it since it occurred like three weeks ago. I still think the recent update screwed something with cross-play, but since the patch notes were never released I can only guess. When did you get the game and when did it stop working? Was this recently? Sadly it doesn't seem like this place is really checked so idk when this issue will be addressed or fixed.
  4. KnavishPlum

    Black Screen on Start - Does not load

    So while can't say it will entirely work since this solution has only been used for the Windows 10 version, have you tried simple closing the game out and restarting it multiple times? I know this sounds dumb but this is what my friend on PC has done when he gets a black screen and eventually it just works. It seems like it fails to load sometimes and you just have to keep trying till is loads successfully.
  5. KnavishPlum

    Game will not start Xbox Game pass

    Is the screen going black? My friend on PC also has this issue and he solved it by just closing the game and restarting it multiple times until it worked.
  6. KnavishPlum

    PS4 Multiplayer not working

    I know this is a bit old, but I am kinda curious when it stopped working for them. I also haven't been able to connect to friends even since the last update (which we still have nothing on) and wonder if it is causing their issue since it is kinda around the same time. Also surprised to here tractor causes lag. I had to deployed in MP without issue... with lag at least. It did phase threw the world when I got on it while my friend was packaging it so there is that... hmm...
  7. KnavishPlum

    Such a great and flawed game

    Multiplayer stability and connectivity is probably my biggest issue. It can be pretty good at times, and really bad. Its kinda random as you mentioned. If I had to say what should be done, I think these are the things: Lag - This seems to mainly come up in the later game when you have larger bases or when loading stuff in. I have mainly experienced this when entering near a base. Something is definitely up with how the game deals with loading objects or how it handles objects already in game like the tethers. While I understand that more objects can mean more lag, I feel like having to manage tethers due to the game getting angry kinda sucks. Connections - This is a HUGE issue for me after the most recent update. I don't know what happened, but my friend and I cannot connect at all anymore. I am on Xbox and the host is PC, everything is open and good, yet we still fail to connect. Even before the update, things would be a bit janky on trying to connect of it the game would show their world, etc. Desync/non-host glitching - This is mainly the issues of research not working or buggy's being eaten by the planet. Things just kinda whack out after some play time and force you to restart the game to get some semblance of calmness again. It seems that the longer you play, the more broken it gets at times. They have mentioned dedicated servers in the past and I think it will solve or at least help make these issues less notable or frequent. I really want to know what that most recent update did cause I am convinced it broke cross-play in some way but can't confirm it since we have no patch-notes even after two weeks.
  8. KnavishPlum

    Is This Forum Checked?

    Ok, so I'll admit I am feeling a little ranty right now so I am sorry for that. Is this forum checked? Is it truly active? All the threads seem to to have like no responses and it seems Astroneer is in a bit of a weird state. We have an update (1.11.62) which has been given no patchnotes of any kind (though these forums seemed to not have been updated for eons) and multiplayer/crossplay seems to be somewhat broken. I mean, idk, but those seem like issues right? What happened? Its been like a week and nothing has come up about any of this. I love Astroneer, but I am unable to play with friends at all and not having any info is upsetting. I get we are in a tough spot with current events, but I think we just need a response, an acknowledgment that issues exist would be nice? I see things on reddit everyday of people having the same issue. Thanks...
  9. KnavishPlum

    Cannot Join Friends World?

    Are they on PC or Xbox? While I can't be sure since I am have Teredo issues on my PC version, I think this may be something with cross-play. I tried yesterday and instead of just getting in "invalid session" message, now I get the "joining host" and a blurred loading screen for a few minutes before being kicked back to the main menu.
  10. KnavishPlum

    Cannot Join Friends World?

    Hello, I recently got back into Astroneer with two friends, one is on PC and I and the third friend are on Xbox. We have been joining and playing mostly fine with some issues such related to gameplay and connecting, but after the recent update (, but now we can't connect at all. The PC friend is the host, when I try to join, I am told the session does not exist or is invalid. What is weird is that he can join me on my world though. It seems like it could be related to cross-play, but it only seems to be an issue if the Xbox is connecting to a PC and not the other way around. Thanks!
  11. KnavishPlum

    "Patch 199" - August 17th, 2017

    This us awesome, can't wait to learn more about the base Modularity. I haven't played in a bit due to lack of new stuff, but I can see you guys have big things planned and cannot wait, looking forward to bigger stuff coming!
  12. KnavishPlum

    "Patch 189" : Jun 16th, 2017

    I Haven't played for a bit, but I understand the lack of updates. System Era is a smaller group and they don't have a publisher looming from behind telling to hit a deadline. With that said. I would like more communication on when we may get another update or when content may be added, they are polishing the base for new stuff, it makes sense. But the idea that, "its pre-alpha, so we are focused on bug fixes" needs more context or more explaining, I mean, is their an estimated time for when the game will enter alpha? Its like what? a year since the game launched and its still only in pre-alpha? I can understand it not being like beta, but even with a smaller group, it could have at least hit alpha right?
  13. So I have been playing Astroneer for a bit after recently getting it and loving it! But I am having issues with unlocking what I think are the last two things I can research, Dynamite and the Habitat. I have read the wiki and looked around here and other sites to figure out what to do, but I am stumped. I have gone to all planets but Tundra and have gotten at least 3 or 4 research from each, most coming from Terra and Exotic. All things I have researched have come from those two planets. After, oh I would say... maybe small battery, I just kept getting items, and more items... and more items. I still have not gotten either one, I have opened like 50+ at this point. So I ask, how does the system work as of right now? Do I need to find an unknown I have not seen before? cause I have gotten research off two of the same in a row before. Does it refresh when I go to a new planet? Or does the classes of Fabricated and Rock or Natural actually relate to said blueprints? I think its random no?
  14. I really like these ideas... but I kinda like the idea that we are the only intelligent life in that galaxy, I would love to stumble onto other astroneers or human made settlements, but I do not know about aliens. Maybe tribal aliens? Idk. Alien wise, I would love to see something similar to like the Forerunners in Halo where you could find these ancient alien artifacts of a time long past called "Lost Relics" they could have special research and rare items in them. Or maybe one could be like a portal you have to reactivate that brings you to one of the other planets without the need for a ship. I may make a thread more in depth about these, I am still figuring out the ideas.
  15. KnavishPlum

    Grow Up, a game that looks a lot like Astroneer

    So I have only gotten to look at the video for a little bit with no sound at the moment and I can say I could understand where you opinion is coming from Wild, the terrain is similar in that both are low poly. But from what I have seen as of now, that is the only thing I see as similar. NOTE: I will watch video more in depth later, don't have time at the moment. The clouds to me are different, the ones in Grow UP seem from low poly and angular than those in Astroneer, those are more round and puffy looking. As for planets, what is the same? Are the Grow Up worlds randomly made? I don't know. I ask because the Grow Up planets look more polished and neat then say the randomly generated pre-alpha worlds of Astroneer. In short, I see where your conclusion comes from, but I do not think Astroneer stole from this series, What I could see is maybe inspiration from its low poly terrain design. Grow seems to be all low poly while Astroneer is a weird hybrid of low poly and high poly.