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    Multiplayer needs PvP and PvE

    LOL... Please no PvP. I'm tired of every game putting in half assed PvP. This game is meant to be a sit down, chill, and play with your buds.
  2. Pixels

    Fooling around before Razer Ariana arives

    I don't understand why you'd want this in the first place...
  3. Pixels

    Multiplayer needs PvP and PvE

    PVP? Absolutely not. That is a terrible idea.
  4. Pixels

    No to hunger

    My opinion : No hunger please.
  5. Pixels

    Quick Tech Tree

    This is great, thank you.
  6. Pixels

    Just refund xbox users

    What are you up in arms about? Are you upset that the game is still in the Alpha phase?
  7. Pixels

    Rocket Ship

    Sorry for your experience with a Early Access game.
  8. Anyone else running into this problem? All other color terrains are fine, but green and yellow... oh god my eyes, everything bleeds white and can hardly play when the suns out.
  9. Pixels


    Were caps really necessary?
  10. Pixels

    Did we buy full game?

    You bought the full game, you're just going through the building stage.
  11. Ever since yesterdays patch, I have noticed that the brightness in game is turned up incredibly high. The lights wash out everything and is hard to see with the helmet light and during the day. Anyone else having this issue where the lighting/brightness has been screwed up? I can't find anywhere to adjust it either. - Pix
  12. Is this kid still complaining? I swear he keeps making new threads every week or so. At this point, I believe he's just trolling.
  13. Pixels

    a bit dissapointed with stream

    "I know more about this game then any other player" Please take your ego and your self entitlement somewhere else. Quit crying, and play the game.
  14. Pixels

    a bit dissapointed with stream

    No he does not, he's just here to probably complain instead of actually trying to learn something.
  15. Pixels

    The ball that emits light. What is this?

    Alien Egg, bury it before it ruins your base.
  16. Pixels

    a bit dissapointed with stream

    In a society that feeds on instant satisfaction, these Devs are doing a great job.
  17. Pixels

    What does this orb do?

    It's an alien egg which will hatch in a upcoming patch. Make sure you bury it or it will destroy your base.
  18. Pixels

    Space Ship

    There's a Spaceship and a Spacecraft. One is much larger.
  19. Improve algorithm that picks the height of new base platforms, allowing for flatter bases FUCK YES!
  20. It's $20 and worth every penny to support this Dev team. Just buy it already.
  21. Pixels


    Nice. Thank you good sir.
  22. Pixels


    Tested and works?
  23. Pixels

    WIn 10 -- Steam