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  1. Yeah I just want to be able to "see" that I've accomplished setting up a fully working colony on a planet with visual changes to the pod itself like it expands and gets larger and then later add the ability to customize what the colony looks like and see your little population number increase overtime I rather keep away from adding more AI people being able to be seen to keep the frame rates high so the pearlescent pods would be fine for that I think and you just know people are in there by a pop count above the pod
  2. It's just something to add "life" to the game so your not just this lone wolf astronaut on some random planet like you have a purpose to be there
  3. Later down the road I would like to see the ability to create colony pods which would essesstionally turn into a requisition post where they ask for specific resources and you can deliver them to sed pod and the more you help them the more they develope and grow increasing population on that planet and they in turn supply you with addition upgrades say 20% increase to power generation for and example kind of like perks you get while on that planet and you don't even need to add extra AI it could be like a opalescent pod that slowly gets larger and makes small additional changes to its appearan
  4. Yeah there's a lot to be done with gravity in this game so many possibilities for environmental hazzards, unique gravity on planets which higher gravity ones could force you to lower your gravity using them so you don't move like a slug
  5. Would be nice to have a gravity module attachment either to put on your backpack or a rover to keep you locked down to the ground so you could say walk up a wall in a large cave to be able to harvest resources or just to be able to walk out of a hole you dug yourself into and the Rover attachment could be used to hold you down better so you don't fly all around going over small bumps while driving plus planets with lower gravity could require you to use it to even be able to operate on a low gravity planet
  6. Yeah unless you harvest power from walls or have 3 to 4 extra power banks have fun caving since you will run out of power in like .05 seconds lol
  7. Geo thermal stations would be good to have to generate power when sun or wind isn't avaliable. Like be able to find a spot underground where you could place a geo thermal station and connect it to the tether system to be able to have a good power supply while doing work underground since there wouldn't be any wind or sun avaliable to you
  8. Yeah that's a good idea definitely, i want them to feel like they are a helpful feature that requires time and resources over a playthrough not some ridiculously overpowering thing or that they are such a high resource cost they aren't worth it, the backpack attachments could keep them balanced though and say limit you to two "active drones" to be helpful in whatever you set out to do and have backup drones on your drone hub at base
  9. It has its similarities but I either want them to make it some sort of end game mechanic or make it so you have a pop cap of 10 drones or something just so they don't feel overpowered or make you feel like your excavator thing is useless after their construction
  10. Yeah I know it's a bit a ambitions for a game thats in early access atm, but I think this game has a ton of potential so not now but down the line I would love to see drones implemented I feel it would fit in well with the whole science fiction space exploration theme
  11. I think it would cool to implement a drone center as an avaliable upgrade for a station • Scout drones that could travel in a certain range from where they were deployed would be able to find resources and then drop next to them and turn into a beacon for later recovery • Harvest drones that could say be either attached to your backpack or be able to deploy in an area that would gather all resources in that cluster and make a small pile of resource bundles • Hunter drones that can either be attached to backpack or deployed in an area that would seek out dangerous plants and d
  12. • starting having bad frame rate issues when I got to about 6 facilities in my base and the issues would persist in general area around base • if you build or add ground directly below you, you will fall through the ground and start an endless fall animation • having 20 to 25 resource bundles near player will cause frame rate issues • attaching a truck to another vehicle will cause major frame rate drops • getting out of a moving vehicle will lock you inside the vehicle model making you unable to move until you get in and out again •getting out vehicle on previous