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  1. Slywyn

    Basic Survival Challenge

    This will be impossible. Some resources are not present on some planets.
  2. You can choose not to use it. Makes the game too easy? Don't use it. It's not hard to understand. If people want to use it, they're not hurting anyone but themselves.
  3. They already nerfed it. Just leave it alone. It doesn't break anything.
  4. Enemies are not currently planned. Not a 'never' but definitely not a 'right now' or 'any time soon' inclusion to the game. This isn't meant to be a combat game.
  5. Slywyn

    Female Astroneer

    That would be a really cool addition.
  6. Slywyn

    Female Astroneer

    Kinda yeah.
  7. Slywyn

    Female Astroneer

    No no no no no. Don't take anything away. Take in existing model, COPY IT, alter it slightly, then ADD the altered model as a new one. So there'd be 5 instead of 4. Do you understand now?
  8. Slywyn

    Female Astroneer

    nono, I meant take an existing model, alter it, and put the 'new' model in as a new character.
  9. Slywyn

    Female Astroneer

    I only see one person in this thread who's 'triggered', hah. I think making a more feminine astroneer is a pretty harmless request, and it probably wouldn't even take a lot of work. Pitch-shift the existing voice 'emotes', change an existing model a little bit, and voila, problem solved. It'd probably take one of the devs a day or two.
  10. Slywyn

    Fuel Condensor and Trading Platform

    This isn't a 'hack' or 'exploit' or 'glitch' or 'bug'. These systems are working exactly as designed.
  11. Slywyn

    Visiting Penalties

    Only your friends can join your game. If you don't want that person joining your game, or your friends are screwing with your game, re-evaluate your friends.
  12. Slywyn

    Female Astroneer

    maybe coming soon customization options?
  13. Slywyn

    Female Astroneer

    Even though it wouldn't fit the game's aesthetic at all, I'd pick purple. Just because I like the color purple. Maybe we'll get astroneer customization in the future and I can live my dreams of being fabulous among the stars. (Also a nice blue would be cool)
  14. Slywyn

    Basemaker Mk 5

    When I unlock the Spaceship I bring 7 Resin(usually on my back), a full tank of fuel, 2 copper, 2 aluminum, a generator, a few organics, a good solar(on the 'big' storage on the spaceship), a battery, a habitat, and then whatever compound and resin I have laying around that I can fit on the space that's left.
  15. Slywyn

    Female Astroneer

    I'd also really like at least one feminine-looking astroneer