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  1. You could also use that useless platform next to the big habitat to trade in bytes for little care packages.
  2. I can't switch the resource I want to receive on the trading platform. Also, the work light dosen't light up anymore. It suddenly just "broke" when I was placing a tether... (I made a new one and this one is working) Like everyone else in this forum, my work light just floats around with no mini platform underneath. Steam version
  3. Hello guys, I really like the new ways of basebuilding, and to have more flexibility (and less cables), I'd like to have a form of wireless energy transmitting. So here is my idea: There are two items you need to create a wireless energy system: A sender and a receiver. The sender requires a double slot like, for example, a medium solar panel, and converts the energy it gets from the platform it's placed on into invisible wireless waves with a limited range. The receiver (which requires a single slot and can also stand alone and be connected to something, just like the small solar panel), receives those waves and converts them back into "normal" energy. It can be placed on anything, like the other single slot items. This is a sketch I've made to illustrate my idea. What do you guys think? Do you have anything to add to this idea (material costs, maximum range, ...)? Please let me know.
  4. Oh, you can research small ressources now. That makes everything way easier. I'm sorry, I didn't know that. Thanks for the tips guys
  5. When I started a new game (because I had some issues with my old savegame), I have noticed that the beginning is very rough. All you have is the blueprints of the small generator, the reserch chamber and the smelter. Now you have to look for reserch items to collect bytes to unlock everything else. That's very hard because you are suffocating way too fast when you don't have any tethers. Also, new players will have problems finding into the game. So I think you should have more start items (at least tethers). What do you guys think? Do you agree with me? Am I wrong? Are penguins cool? Please let me know.
  6. I don't know if this idea already exists, but I would like to have a little bot for the crane. I hate it when I have to get out of the rover, get into the crane, harvest the resources, get out of the crane because the rover was sliding away a bit, get into the crane again... I think you can see what I mean. So my idea is that farming bot. First, you print it in the printer (maybe with iron). Then, you program it which resources the bot should harvest and which ones not. After that, you put it on the crane seat and take it with you on a trip. The bot will automatically use the crane to harvest resources when you get near them. This way you can save a lot of time. It would consume the rover's energy so the farming bot is not too OP. Feel free to add some more ideas.
  7. Suggestion: When I am in space with my shuttle and I should choose a landing spot on the planet, I want to have the option to show how the landing spot looks like in detail so I don't accidently land on the wrong vehicle bay. I'm sorry if this idea already exists, it just came randomly to my mind.
  8. My way to store things is to dig a little basement with several holes and just throw the resources in them. Don't worry, they will not despawn or glitch to other positions. If there are things you don't need, just feed the worms on the Radiated planet
  9. I like your idea. I had a similar idea to improve rover trains (click here to see my post) Let's hope it gets patched in the game
  10. When you connect multiple rovers there is just one rover driving and the other rovers are being pulled, hanging around and do nothing. So my idea is that when you have a big rover train, all the other rovers will accelerate and turn automatically to help you driving. When you accelerate, the trailers will accelerate too and the "leader" rover will draw an invisible line that the trailers will try to follow. (This will only happen when you drive forward.) This could be useful, for example for climbing hills with heavy load, but you should also be able to switch it off in the settings to save rover energy. I'm sorry if this idea already exists, it just came randomly to my mind. Hope you like it anyways. P.S: Or just make a hotkey to turn Smart Trailers on/off.
  11. Here are some ideas for the game: Hover Vehicle A vehicle that hovers 5-10 meters above the floor, moves freely around the planet and needs hydrazine to fly. You build it with iron (to implement Hematite in the game which has no use at the moment). Very Large Storage A stationary storage where you put in resources to store them and choose which ones to put out again, similar to a vending machine. (sketch made by me) Astroneer/Backpack Upgrades These are upgrades you can get for yourself at a stationary machine. Here are some examples: - Health: More health so you die less quickly. - More Backpack Space: Add more slots to the backpack. If it gets too big, you will be able to scroll through your inventory. - Speed: Run faster. - Terraforming Range: Better range for your terrain tool. (This could also be an augment) - Stamina: Less oxygen consumption. You could pay for these upgrades for example with Astronium (to implement this in the game too) or other resources. Settings I wish that you could adjust or turn off the shaders/bloom effects and other graphic features for lower end PCs. I really like the game and I hope you like my ideas Sorry for my bad english