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  1. Local Co-op would be great. I have friends over all the time that want to join and i wish this option was available!
  2. Living creatures would be really cool. I think they should only be on a couple planets though, and we wouldn't want all of them to be hostile either. I definitely agree on weapons if there were living things, like some sort of spear or gun. it would be good if they had some sort of benefit as well. Like if they ate poisonous plants. Another thing about creatures is that there needs to be more habitats for them to live in, like maybe bodies of water? Streams and lakes would definitely add some life to a couple planets!
  3. That would be super cool! If you could unlock it after you've established a base on every planet in the current solar system, other systems would be fantastic! I love this idea!
  4. I love to use the Rovers to get around, but sometimes it can be slow going and hard to get places. So here is my idea. What about a vehicle that allows for much faster transportation? Obviously it should have ridiculously low/no storage space because that would render the other vehicles useless. However it would allow for much faster travel for individual players. Im thinking it would look a lot like a motorcycle. If it can travel fast enough, it could make large jumps over ravines or in-between hills/cliffs. The jumps would be almost drifting or flying through the air. This would be INCREDIBLY USEFUL on planets like Exotic for example. Getting places on Exotic is incredibly difficult and a form of transportation like this would be infinitely worth it. Because its so great, it would probably need to be made of a valuable resource like titanium or lithium, but oh how AWESOME it would be! What do you guys think?
  5. I have this exact same problem! I was driving in my large rover, which held valuable researchable items and it suddenly lost all gravity and started floating away with my player still in it! I fell out, luckily without any fall damage but my rover just kept floating away. Only after I exited and re-entered the game, did it fall back down but seriously?