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  1. Minion0ne

    Mine Carts

    actualy, a rail system would be a pretty cool addition. it could be used to shuttle self and goods between fixed locations. the locomotion would require power and there could be several tiers like there is with the shuttle and rover. the rails could even act as a Tether drawing power from each location that it is connected to.
  2. Minion0ne

    giant inverted calculator

    so i left my base to go looking around and came back to find some things stuck in the air by my pod. has anyone else seen these? is this a bug i need to report?
  3. Minion0ne

    Upgrades for personal backpack or items.

    I personally think that the quantity of backpack slots is fine. increased capacity power and O2 tanks would be cool, but inventory management is why you make a rover or truck and go exploring. using a truck and a single seat cab, you can theoretically carry 7 3D printed storage modules. that is potential to carry 66 individual items on a long term trip. that is not taking into account the slots on your pack for power options, which can carry 2 more items.
  4. Minion0ne

    Water related discussions

    My question is this: Will the water mechanics be like minecraft in that a source of water will just spill out and spread to a certain degree, or will it be more dynamic allowing me to dig a trench from a lake and empty all the water into a cave.
  5. Minion0ne

    Tunnel digger

    now, I havent gotten this far in the reesearch, but this could potentialy be a simple thing to create by allowing the drill head (3d printer) to be mounted to the front of a truck or rover
  6. Minion0ne

    Reccurring Lock up

    after one of the latest patches, My issue seems to have been resolved. I am able to play for seemingly unlimited amounts of time with no lockups an only minor stutters on occasion. I have yet to test this for more than an hour at a time.
  7. Minion0ne

    Four Ideas for the Betterment of Astroneer

    Also, Every tim i find a research item, it says unknown even if i just researched the exact same thing. Are there plans to flag those items as researched and list what they provide?
  8. First Idea: When you stop and mouse over yourself, a compass pops up. I would like to suggest adding a marker system to this compass to make it easier to get home or find a beacon that you placed. making it only available here would help to simulate stopping, pulling out a compass and taking the time to find your way. Optional: place a compass or similar device on the screen when you bring up your backpack. this would give the same benefits as above, but give you the ability to move, albeit slowly. Second Idea: when building new nodes on a base, Offer the player the ability to direct the node to raise, lower or stay on the same level. Third Idea: create an inability to move terrain around the player in a radius equal to the radius of the build tool. I think that this would be a proper fix to the issue of glitching through the terrain and falling to your death. Fourth Idea: on the Node that builds vehicles, Please consider adding 2 build slots in front of the node instead of just one. That would provide a space for wheeled vehicles and non-wheeled vehicles. this way if i were to build a lander then gain the ability to build a truck, I wouldnt have to fight with terrain and tipping and dragging in order to make space to build my truck.
  9. Minion0ne

    Bugs found after 20 hours of playing

    I can verify the issue with the oxygen tank not feeding from the side mount. i suffocated even after moving it into my main backpack.
  10. Minion0ne

    Reccurring Lock up

    I manage to get into the game and play for 2-3 minutes occasionally as long as 5 minutes before the game stops responding. I have to go into the Task Manager and kill the process resulting in no crash logs. I checked the steam folder and there are no crash logs there either. DirectX Diagnosis file is attached. DxDiag.txt
  11. This also happens on my PC version. I will get stuck in the terrain then fall into a cave system and splat. Win10 home Intel Core2Duo e8400 @ 3.00 GHz 4.00 GB Ram NVIDIA GeForce GTX 550Ti w/ 1GB VidRam
  12. I know it's not a bug per-se, but it's a bit of an issue with me. My camera controls are extremely loose. I will right click and move my mouse maybe an inch and be spun 3/4 of the way around. Also, if i want to go 90 degrees left with the camera, I can stop my mouse @ 90 degrees and the camera angle will continue on for an additional 30-45 degrees before stopping. Finally, i will occasionally right click to move my camera angle and the camera will spin 180- degrees and down to about 45 degrees off parallel with the ground. Intel Core i5-4590 CPU @3.30GHz 8.00Gb Ram Windows 10 x64 NVIDIA GeForce GT 610 video card(unsure how much vram)