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  1. 101101110111

    How do I deploy Extenders?

    after a restart it works
  2. 101101110111

    How do I deploy Extenders?

    this isn't working for me at all, steam+xbox controller
  3. 101101110111

    Scrapper in 0.9.0

    medium shredder's largely a waste, unless you just don't feel like chucking very small items into the larger one. for barely any extra resource cost, the large shredder handles a ton more (as in, everything). i'd expect they'll give more purpose to the medium shredder in an upcoming update, just like the different fabricators initially had no reason to exist. the main reasoning behind the medium for now, i guess, is it doesn't lock to a platform, so you can go around your base scrapping 'starter' things (small solar, etc) without needing to drag them all to the platform where you'd unpacked the fabricator.
  4. 101101110111

    love/hate my mobile junkyard

    finally, a use for a coal gennie. i don't see this thing being overly mobile with 'passive' power supply
  5. there's a broken rover right next to my starting hab, marked 'debris'. how do i move it 3 feet into my large shredder?
  6. 101101110111

    Vehicle Beacon Not Working

    real double-edged sword for me... really cleaned up the screen around my bases where i'd have a number of rovers and rover trains parked around! they did mention in patch notes to drop your own beacon when you hop out. i got in the habit of doing that real quick
  7. 101101110111

    Update 0.9.0 - July 6th 2018

    the O2 warnings now are nearly invisible while digging, i didn't realize i'd strayed too far from my tether until hearing the gasping
  8. 101101110111

    Forum log-in still VERY flaky

    steam changed their EULA recently, there's not much the forum devs can do about that
  9. 101101110111

    Compass wrong - suggested fix

    it's not a bug, the system is retrograde
  10. actually the entire astroneer system is counter-rotating, and you're looking at it upside down when you go into space. notice: the planets are all slightly 'above' the sun's true ecliptic, but it's the north pole of each planet that sees constant sunlight. so they're actually rotating properly as seen from the surface, they're just all 'backwards' compared to what we think is normal. there's not a single law of physics that says the sun must set in the west (it doesn't on venus, if venus could see the sun, sunset would be in the east), or that systems must rotate counter-clockwise. the term 'retrograde' wouldn't exist (and there's several moons in our own solar system that are in retrograde orbits)
  11. 101101110111

    O2 vs Storyline & Funtime

    i've never had a worry about oxygen really... you start with tethers researched by default now, compound is nearly as common as dirt, long tether chains aren't even half as laggy as they used to be anymore (that's even just taking into account maybe they're still laggy for some; for ME, they're not even a *tenth* as laggy as they used to be). the need for oxygen is one of the primary mechanics in the game, take it out and it's just another base-building game that people love to hate for their lack of depth/challenge.
  12. i've gotten even better than that before... ~24000 bytes worth of research pods close enough to run out to them and back before o2 tank hit 50%
  13. 101101110111

    Some ideas that could appreciated

    or 1 machine + 1 large storage with 4 mediums (i even just built that to make sure it would auto-feed before suggesting)
  14. 101101110111

    My poor dirtball

    i believe the planets aren't physical unless you're on them... or barren+tundra would constantly smash themselves to pieces (if you're on the equator of tundra and look up at just the right time, you're in for a sight). aside from that, seen this bug at random, but consistently in every version for the past year-plus, so i'm inclined to think it's graphics related. at least it IS well documented to the extent of having its own pinned thread in the bugs section
  15. 101101110111

    Small Storage

    yeah, a spotlight rather than a floodlight would really float my boat. but it's better than nothin, and i'll catch as catch can for now. i got 'night driving' spoiled once i started only settling near north poles and it's never really day OR night ever