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  1. just imagine that "entering a habitat" save-lag happening on a regular basis, not when you're fully expecting it's about to happen. i see many rovers accidentally falling into many ravines
  2. oh lord no, please not a time-based autosave, that did horrific damage to console minecraft and 7 days to die. just options for WHEN it autosaves will do (habitat y/n, rover or shuttle y/n)
  3. 101101110111

    0.10.1 - Backpack shadow quality

    sadly, it's been a while that having graphics set too high causes grain, instead of the expected FPS drops. back down graphics settings a bit and it should resolve itself to a degree
  4. 101101110111

    So we have to take a leap of faith to get iron?

    just absorbed your very last statement as well, my brain's not fully on today... no the single-use rockets aren't big-box. i haven't managed to leave terran yet, but i'd imagine a good kit for resource runs would be: rocket, medium platform, medium storage, tethers. they all fit in the backpack, then you can use the medium platform+storage to hold all your tethers after landing and filling your pack with the stuff you were looking for
  5. 101101110111

    So we have to take a leap of faith to get iron?

    or print a 2nd rocket to keep on your backpack from the get-go and take the hop to tundra, iron's all over the place on the surface there (unless they changed it)
  6. 101101110111

    Frame loss while hosting

    that part isn't really exclusive to astroneer. even 'light' games demand a ton of CPU to host+play simultaneously, and i don't think the devs are quite up to completely overhauling core computer+internet architecture. so just like the other games we enjoy that progressively generate their terrain and suck up CPU to do that job even in perfect circumstances, the host machine is gonna need to be something somewhat beastly or even simply dedicated (ie; you're running the host as a console on a different machine than you're playing, to prevent the host from needing to split cpu into multiple tasks). there's a reason even terraria, a game so light it runs on phones, has a console to run a host on a completely different machine than the one you'll be playing on. until quantum computers exist, it'll always be better to leave the cpu with as few jobs to do as possible. hopefully the devs will be giving us some of that software like minecraft and terraria have, to host on a different machine than you play on. personally, i have a linux box that's gutted specifically to be a host for games like these!
  7. how to swap: while the backpack is open and terrain tool pulled out, as you now do anyway to put the augment on the tool, you instead hit the rotation keys (LB/RB on controller, i don't know KB commands anymore) to switch between augment types or no augment. there could be an indicator somewhere on the tool itself telling you what augment is enabled and if it requires power or soil to be used.
  8. 101101110111

    Unabandoned Bases

    once i thought even more on it, it might not even be a thing where you need to trade currency/resources... simply fill up the 'abandoned' trade platform a certain number of times, each time repairing the broken habitat a little more. then once that's done, you can start shipping off specific resources to repair the rest of the base. you could still ship off scrap for the same effect, but it'd be a little more expensive/random than, say, shipping off 4 resin to repair the platforms, or 8 compound to fix research stations (the shipments and what gets fixed would be related to the resources required to build the thing in the first place). every 8 scrap, after the habitat is fixed, would just fix 1 random thing... so you might HOPE to fix the platforms, but instead the next scrap shipment fixes a broken rover.
  9. 101101110111

    Unabandoned Bases

    i was just out on an otherwise-routine drive in my mobile junkyard and had a thought... what if some of these abandoned bases were still mostly functional? they have only a trade platform up and running, they just need you to trade some scrap (at very nerfed trade rates perhaps) so they can get their other base elements fixed. in essence, you slowly fix the abandoned/wrecked bases to become outposts to use however you see fit: a rest area to drop off excess loads you don't want to haul all the way home, maybe it's close enough to the pole to serve as a power station... to make a real mission of it, i'd imagine the main habitat would need to be repaired first, and require a bit of titanium, 6-8 perhaps, and the nerfed trade platform there might be something like 6-to-1 or 8-to-1 trade rate. something so that each time you fill up the platform and launch it, you can see the habitat repair itself in stages until it's fully functional again. after that, it's more optional to 'repair' the rest of base by launching scrap for various resources (maybe 4 scrap to repair each platform, 6 scrap to repair modules on repaired platforms), or simply shred them all and build up from the habitat the same way as the game's beginning stage. it'd be awesome if there could also be a stranded astroneer wandering around the base, to add to the immersion of "i'm a junker helping this guy repair all his stuff", but let's not start sprinting before we can even crawl.
  10. 101101110111

    Storms Need to be gone or fixed

    i usually just use them to take a quick break... stretch my legs, top off a drink, just basically not be sitting staring at a screen for unhealthy amounts of time
  11. it looks ridiculous, but it works: 4 large rovers with large storages, with a winch on every available slot. personally, i just make a full large-rover train with a shredder on the very back cart; a mobile junkyard, basically. it'll auto-feed scrap to the entire train as long as there's an empty slot somewhere. just beware the shredder uses a TON of power; all 4 rover batteries will drain to shred 1 open-seat if you don't have power generation. personal preference again: until i have a large generator, i keep a ton of compound in my backpack to plaster open slots with fuel cells for night scrapping. the small generator and organic to run it just take up too much space for its meager output
  12. these days, just make a beacon and stick it on/near the vehicle. saves quite a bit of screen clutter, and beacons are visible from further away as well
  13. 101101110111

    Habitat replaced with drop ship?

    they haven't been able to pilot vehicles since that exploit was fixed months ago. they've only been the 'hub' (habitat-portion) of expansion bases since 0.5. they merely finally renamed it to distinguish it from the larger starter habitat, nothing else
  14. 101101110111

    Habitat replaced with drop ship?

    it's still the same 'habitat' as before, just renamed