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    research and power suggestion

    you can always begin research even with no power at all. if you can't start research, it's not a researchable item
  2. 101101110111

    Story mode

    they are and they aren't... as far as gaming is concerned, 'story mode' would be an overarching gameplay with 'chapters' and a definite end (like your average FPS or RPG). 'narrative' would be an underlying lore that's not *needed* to enjoy the game, but still gives depth to the game's universe (like terraria or kerbal space program). think of it like GTA5's 'single player' vs GTA5 Online. one's a definite story-mode with a beginning, middle, and end... the other is open-ended with the missions sharing a thread that isn't linear or consequential. the difference is 'story' vs 'narrative'.
  3. 101101110111

    Sleep system?

    they shouldn't. real life turbines shut down in storms to prevent damage (this has been pointed out many times). minecraft doesn't require sleep, simply uses the bed mechanic to set a spawn point
  4. 101101110111

    i cannot build medium storage

    only on a rover or platform at the vehicle bay
  5. 101101110111

    Rover Train, moves too slowly

    they only keep limiting rover trains while they work out bugs exactly like this. 4 seems to be their sweet spot atm of making the game playable while working it out
  6. 101101110111

    [] - [Xbox One X] - into storm bug]

    real life wind turbines lock themselves in a storm to prevent damage.
  7. when holding the left trigger, it's not possible to hold 'X' to enter a vehicle or habitat. it always pulls out the terrain tool instead. the only way to get into a vehicle or habitat is to move the astroneer around until the game decides to highlight the thing you want to enter. this gets extremely problematic with a fully loaded rover; the game seems to prefer to highlight every object except for the seat (likewise with a compact-built base)
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  9. 101101110111

    A list of ideas

    there's actually several unused ores already in the game... just wait until you dig up a backpack full of iron only to discover there's nothing to do with it! but the game's still extremely young, it's almost a safe bet the next few updates will continue adding content for us to break a thousand different ways. the past 4 months alone has seen the 'things to play with' list pretty much double (possibly more than double, i just don't wanna risk exaggeration)
  10. 101101110111

    Splitter not working

    they're directional: pull the wire from the platform to the splitter. your setup looks like you pulled the wires from the splitter to the platforms, which makes the splitter the 'center'
  11. 101101110111

    Splitter not working

    both wires are going 'out' from the splitter into the platforms with no power going into the splitter itself
  12. 101101110111

    Home planet disappeared [Steam], []

    or just go grab a snack and wait for terran to be in range again. it could take a while, but it'll come in range eventually
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    the astroneer used to emit much more light about a year ago. then they put in work lights which had very little use except to burn copper. so they dimmed the astroneer a bit to give purpose to researching+building work lights (hell, they reworked the lighting system entirely, night also didn't used to be terrifyingly dark, which also created the need for building your own lights). it's a survival game after all, inventory management will most likely always be tight. another thing you could do, as they vlogged right before work lights were added, is simply line your cave with worklights as needed. it's just another one of those things that hints at how much exploration and building the astroneer had done
  14. 101101110111

    large storage on medium rover

    easily duplicated. simply exit the game while a large storage is printing on a rover, and it perches on top when you return. it doesn't seem to be solid though, the one fell off by stopping too hard, i knocked the other off by ramming the rover until it flipped. hoping dynamite can clean up my growing rover+storage graveyard
  15. i began printing a large storage on a medium rover, and had to exit the game before it finished. when i came back and it finished, this happened: the storage is not movable, though it's on a stand as if it's on the ground. it's infinitely looping a collision sound as well