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  1. i also think there's 5 types. mutated, round, astro, smiling, stunted. i'm on the hunt as i'm typing though, so i'll update if i find more
  2. not sure it's really a spoiler, the patch notes said where the fauna+unlock are i got my unlock from simply digging up the first one (a Round). collecting all types is just a thing if you want
  3. happens often in full-release games of this nature. astroneer's closest relative, minecraft, has save-breaking updates just often enough to be annoying. i've got a favorite world that i started ages ago that suffers some of the worst chunk load lag imaginable because the base seed has changed so much
  4. loved sometimes sitting in the habitat just listening to the turbines spin. they don't seem to make any noise now, and it seems to lose a little immersion when they just run so silently while everything else has its own noises
  5. i'm gettin the same, also not a great beast of a computer, but until 1.0 i'd never had performance issues even on high graphics and i've been playing it nearly 2 years now!
  6. that's been my use of them for too long now... along with color-coding which direction they're heading, so i know which way to follow the breadcrumbs if i stumble upon the beacon trail at a mid-point during some other exploration later. nothing like running into an old beacon trail and following it the wrong way for an hour before realizing it
  7. "sales" don't equal "players". seen plenty of people on the forums saying they're hanging it up until 1.0, or at least terrain 2.0. i'm somewhat one of those players as well; i'll put in a couple days after an update to see the new stuff and do a little bug hunting, but knowing next update will most likely break my save keeps me from putting in real time. don't get me wrong, i love the game and get obsessive about it the first weekend after an update... but i have a hard time investing MUCH time building and exploring when it'll be gone in a month. there's a good chance a good deal of those million sales have the same issue, and aren't *really* putting in enough time yet to come up with suggestions or bug reports (some of the most common problems reported atm -- saves breaking, multiplayer -- are ones already confirmed to be solved at or around 1.0 release, so it's not really worth calling them reports or suggestions). if the forums don't explode with activity after 1.0 brings in players actually investing hours in the game, i'll come back and eat my words
  8. rovers are still my primary... 4 large rovers with a shredder and as much storage as possible, you'll never be at a lack for resources once you return to a trading platform. all i ever need shuttles for is condensors on other planets. everything else can be picked up by just driving around terran with a shredder
  9. i seriously doubt they're so delusional that they think 1.0 will be an "ok we're done here" ultra-stable release. i have a feeling they're merely calling it 'released' so that they can 1) get it on playstation already, and 2) escape the trap of survival games that stay 'early access' for a decade (and nobody ever catches the game's particular fever to give commentary that fuels further content and bug fixes... having a playerbase of only hundreds seriously reduces the sounding board the devs have to work with). the PR may take a hit, but the influx of players who're just waiting for 1.0 before they touch the game should give a much broader range of crap going wrong... meaning the devs can actually fix bugs/gameplay because there's a much smaller chance of them being isolated incidents or one small faction's preference. i can't count how many things i've seen on here that i simply couldn't get on board with if they were put into the game... likewise for things i'd like to see as well. maybe as the numbers swell, the devs will be able to get a clearer picture of "this feature is wanted", because there's more than just a half dozen people sitting in an echo chamber agreeing with each other all day.
  10. lots of games do that... many don't make it an option, which kinda sucks for games that are attempting to be immersive. nothing really kills immersion like constantly having noob-tips in a corner (especially when it's things like "A =jump"... why do they think you'd need to be reminded how to do this or that action when you do it so constantly it's basic muscle memory) it's not a BAD feature, should simply have options of what's shown, including showing nothing at all.
  11. you've got the seat and thruster reversed... unless you're trying to go to the planet's core also, i believe you need a shuttle seat now, not rover
  12. just imagine that "entering a habitat" save-lag happening on a regular basis, not when you're fully expecting it's about to happen. i see many rovers accidentally falling into many ravines
  13. oh lord no, please not a time-based autosave, that did horrific damage to console minecraft and 7 days to die. just options for WHEN it autosaves will do (habitat y/n, rover or shuttle y/n)
  14. sadly, it's been a while that having graphics set too high causes grain, instead of the expected FPS drops. back down graphics settings a bit and it should resolve itself to a degree
  15. just absorbed your very last statement as well, my brain's not fully on today... no the single-use rockets aren't big-box. i haven't managed to leave terran yet, but i'd imagine a good kit for resource runs would be: rocket, medium platform, medium storage, tethers. they all fit in the backpack, then you can use the medium platform+storage to hold all your tethers after landing and filling your pack with the stuff you were looking for