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  1. After moving the giant solar panel for about 20 minutes, I re-logged to help with the frames dropping. When I logged back in, the panel was glitched into the ground. It is stuck there forever even though I dug it out.
  2. NickNasty

    New patch is up 12/18/2016

    So far so good. Steady 30 fps and my truck doesn't drive on its own anymore. I don't use tethers so I can't comment on that.
  3. NickNasty

    Steam VR

    You have to delete the OpenVR folder/drivers so that Steam doesn't think it's for VR. Should be here:...\steamapps\common\ASTRONEER Early Access\Engine\Binaries\ThirdParty\OpenVRI just did it myself and that stopped SteamVR from starting with the game.
  4. NickNasty

    Items Hover away from pack on a new load.

    same here
  5. Both my trucks and rover wont let me drive them. They just go crazy if I sit in the seat.
  6. NickNasty

    Planet core

    Yup. In the center is just a "hole" where the gravity will turn you around and hold you there.
  7. NickNasty

    Research List

    I have an AMD machine, so I can't play ATM.
  8. NickNasty

    Research List

    Is there a comprehensive list of all the re-searchable items yet?
  9. Not a bug. Each color and shape of the research cube only has one blueprint. Once you find the blueprint, it will either give you nothing or an item.
  10. NickNasty

    Tether System Lag

    Try not to use tethers at all. It helps a lot. I have 2 air tanks and one solar and one wind gen on my backpack. I can go out for quite a long time without tethers.
  11. NickNasty

    Unplayable lag.

    That didn't work for me, only made the textures ugly.