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  1. Tankonor

    Unable to interact with objects

    I've found that this happens because of either the shift, alt or ctrl keys on the pc. pressing a few combinations of those keys resolves the issue and i can then click on things again. It's usually the shift key for me as it gets pressed the most in-game.
  2. The quality of the shadows on the backpack almost make it seem... dirty? or has a similar material dullness or quality like 3d printed material has.
  3. Resin in the latest update seems way too shiny. Like PVC rubber / Latex shiny. Clay seems to absorb too much light to the point that the material appears dull in the backpack, abnormally dull. Compound isn't very reflective and is actually hard to look at / focus on. Maybe it's too blurry?
  4. Tankonor

    0.10.1 Audio bug

    Audio, both sounds and music seems to get intermittently interrupted. Gameplay and frame rate don't appear to be affected, it just seems to cut in and out frequently. PC version.
  5. Tankonor

    End Game

    Minecraft? I'm all for mindlessness, but it would be nice to have goals to achieve, and a long term sense of progress
  6. Tankonor

    End Game

    So, There are storms that can hurt you and will destroy elements of your base, there is already hostile flora but no fauna as yet. Planets have hostile elements to them. Ignoring that doesn't seem right. If you guys are going to focus on "relax, explore, build", then what do you see as the end game in order to add replayability in to the game? Right now, you build everything there is to build in the game and then the game stops. Even sandboxes can have an end game.
  7. Tankonor

    End Game

    What other kind of end-game content can you think of in order to add longevity and replayability to the game?
  8. Tankonor

    End Game

    So, I thought of an idea for end-game which would require some development to accomplish. Effectively, put a boss in the centre of each planet. Dig deeper into the planet to acquire rarer materials, dig to the planet's core where it's still warm (or maybe it's solid ice on some planets) and there would be a boss there you would have to kill. The boss is keeping the planet stable, so when he dies the planet will destabilise and become uninhabitable in a certain amount of in-game time (12/24 hours?) So, time to build a spaceship and leave the planet before it destroys itself and find a new planet on which to rinse and repeat. The loot you get from the bosses would have to be used to make something spectacular, like an FTL drive or something to allow you to explore further. At least it would make for an interesting end-game cycle!
  9. Hi guys, First post here and I created an account specifically so I could post this note. Well done on sharing your trello board with the public, I definitely think this goes a LONG way towards visibility and building confidence with the customer base. I would love to see more developers publishing their boards to keep the community involved with their roadmap. I can't tell you how important this is from a "setting expectations" perspective. Secondly, it would be nice as some other people have mentioned to have some kind of end-game in mind. Perhaps at the centre of each planet would be a "boss" that you would have to dig down into the planet to get to (which you would be doing anyway to get more precious materials) and you have to build enough technology to defeat it. There may need to be a good enough reason to leave that planet after the boss leaves (such as you have 12/24 in-game hours to leave the planet after the boss dies because he/she kept the planet stable and now it's destabilising so it'll blow after that amount of time. Time to pack up your stuff and leave in a ship to another planet and use whatever the boss gave you to fight the next boss or something like that. In any case, keep up the great work and the community involvement. You're already doing WAY better than "Some Woman's Sea".