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  1. Potatohead

    Do items despawn?

    I havent had any problems with items despawning but when a storm comes the rocks can hit your items
  2. Potatohead

    So i found gigantic solarpanel but...

    It also crashed after a while and after the crash i couldn't move it
  3. Can i in some way fix the glitch where i can move the solarpanel you find because now it is just not moving, even with a winch. Btw in the start i tried to flip it with placing terrain under the one side
  4. Potatohead

    Do items despawn?

    Do items despawn, like if you drop them or if you die?
  5. Potatohead

    How do you research things?

    Oh oke, thank you
  6. When i hover over a pice of a ship or something it says Undefined and research under it. Is there a way of scanning things?