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  1. Literally just contacted MS, and within 5 minutes, the update has been pushed! All hail to the zebra ball!
  2. Usually that would be the case, but my other friend who also has it on windows store, is not getting the update. So for almost 3 days now, we have not been able to play together, with our friend on xbox one. And we literally all purchased the game at the same time about 4 days ago. So we literally only have a few hours of gameplay, then the waiting game. I would imagine all branches would get updated at the same time, with maybe steam being the exception and possibly getting it earlier.
  3. Any sign of 190 for windows store? Its now 2 days and still no update
  4. Its about to be 2 days for me. My friend received the update the night before last night. So after a couple of hours, it will be 2 days without receiving the update.