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  1. Cross-play issue

    Literally just contacted MS, and within 5 minutes, the update has been pushed! All hail to the zebra ball!
  2. Cross-play issue

    Usually that would be the case, but my other friend who also has it on windows store, is not getting the update. So for almost 3 days now, we have not been able to play together, with our friend on xbox one. And we literally all purchased the game at the same time about 4 days ago. So we literally only have a few hours of gameplay, then the waiting game. I would imagine all branches would get updated at the same time, with maybe steam being the exception and possibly getting it earlier.
  3. "Patch 189" : Jun 16th, 2017

    Any sign of 190 for windows store? Its now 2 days and still no update
  4. Cross-play issue

    Its about to be 2 days for me. My friend received the update the night before last night. So after a couple of hours, it will be 2 days without receiving the update.