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  1. I know this might seem almost useless to some degree. I would love the option to pull up to a Platform Module and have it Auto Plug in like a docking station. I do understand I can get out of the vehicle and hook up but.. There are several instances along the linear playing that its just a pain moving and disconnecting things. In some cases where I unify my power source from vehicle would be nice to dock up and go about my business. If at nothing else offers just another module to research. As far as how it connects. Seems like several options.. Can be a single print node like an extender that you place off a platform or even something that snaps onto the platform and once your vehicle gets within the range it hooks up to an available link point. I'm only suggesting this cause I seem to recall in the early versions of Astroneer, Power link tethers used to do this.
  2. Macaronis

    1.0.13 memory leak leads to crash

    Before mine crapped out it was well over 9 gigs of Usage. Removing a Movie to fix a Memory leak seems almost silly at this point. When you consider 350 hours on all previous versions without a single crash that I can recall. End of Line...
  3. This is the same issue I am having. I posted my Comment on another Thread and Joe Requested I send the Crash Log. There isnt any crash log to send out. I had been Crash-free over 350 hours on previous versions. This new version crashes as above all random with no rhyme or reason. I do notice better performance but at this point I gave up and started a new game. Played for about 2 hours before I got my First Crash and lockup. At this point I would rather have Crappy FPS then the Crashing. I'd settle for reverting back to 1.0.9
  4. Hit me after update. After 350+ hours on all other patches I had not a Single Crash. Since the patch Its random crashing. My save file is just over 19megs and chewing about 8 gig of ram when playing. Hardware wise it wasn't a problem before so no reason to suspect it is a problem now. Joe did comment to me to send him a Crash file but It turns out at least in my case there isnt anything there so I just sent my Save file to him. Not thrilled about this but starting over isnt so bad just wish I didnt have to. Guess we have to wait until next patch.
  5. Macaronis

    Patch - March 13th, 2019

    Noticed it did speed up the a past save however crashes every 2-5 mins... Started a New Game. No issues so far. Something wrong with old save I guess. Not thrilled about it but already hit Full end game on old save
  6. With all these issues with lag and perf coming soon. I've been thinking it will be nice to add a tool that helps you clean up leftovers or do some self cleaning Performance #1 This Tool would a be 2 post connector so it could fit on tractor, med and large rovers. #2 could work along with or without shredder option(Med/Large Shredder) #3 help pickup resources that were left on ground from terrain tool or Drill overflow. #4 make use on mini animation. Two claw action as if it was grabbing items. Examples - Driving over tethers activate Use key to Gather your Tethers for clean up. (Stacking for reuse) - Make the ACH interact with the Scraps around the planets for easier pickup. Keeping in mind that depending on how your loaded on your Vehicle it it could recycle or save whats available. - Drive over and collect left behind resources that you couldn't carry the previous encounter.
  7. On PC... I'm happy to report after Loading up a Large rover with Dual Diamond tools and digging like a mad man for 1 more hour I was able to come across it only by accident. It was suspected on the next layer down like I expected but clipped and dangling from a stalactite.
  8. Macaronis

    Multiplayer doesn't work on steam

    Actually thats good to know... TY
  9. Macaronis

    Vehicle stuck to unopened core building

    After 5 planets and 2 moons I took the time to go back and really get a handle on what I call the pinnacle Core Gravity, as seen in your picture. The one and only way I have found to bring that particular area back in our "Down is Gravity" and fix it is run the Terrain tool and Create a Bridge to land; Understanding that 1 of the plane Surfaces is going to be you jumping point even though at that spot there is a least 3. It might take some extra work to properly clean out add/subtract the terrain around it, it will work. Patience and trying not to get the camera to jump will also be helped by you removing the terrain within the area of the 3rd person view. I've been using that concept to get back and forth to the core and it seems to work. As far as applying this to your current situation... Think of it as creating a bobsled run with walls using one of the pinnacle core planes as your floor.. If your vehicle is stuck adding some gripping terrain under the wheels should get it to roll off or back.. Be careful though because if it breaks the surface to far.. its a toss up if it will be stable from the perspective you want.. If so try and see if you can Flip it.. Might make the rover go Nutz but Patience and a little Add Terrain will help. It will also help once you get that bridge down to get a little speed. Don't try and just ramp on bridge. if you back up to the lower portion of the pyramid and then speed forward over the bridge. you should be able to clear it. Keeping in mind for about 2 secs the Camera is going to go APE(S#$%^&) switching around but keep moving forward and everything should come back into proper view. Cheers and good luck Next time I head back in I will try and remember to snap an image and post it here just in case my above info isn't clear enough.
  10. Hello, I'm an Astroneer and I have a problem... I have spent about 8 hours on Atrox trying to find a Glitched into the terrain while digging to the core vehicle. My PH.D in Geology, Physics, Chemistry and Civil Engineer do not seem to help.. Mr Astroneer needs those X-ray Specs from the back of Comic books of the 70's and 80's Joking aside. I've done just about everything but, Hollow the Quadrant of Planet where I lost my Vehicle. This has happened to me a few times but always been able to find the darn things with some common sense practices already talked about. This is the first time I would Kill for the ability to cheat within the old school methods of God Mode to at least fly around through the terrain looking for my little tractor and two rtg's. Mind you I have finished the game and this has become more of a Personal Achievement but, patience is wearing thin and I might start Drinking the Astroneer Juice in my backpack. I'm even to the point where I think my backpack is trying to kill me. Send Help Fast.......
  11. Macaronis

    "Patch 189" : Jun 16th, 2017

    After 12 years of Steam, I have never had to do anything like this even after juggling countless Early Access Betas and Opting in/out. While it didn't fix it I did see a Gotcha I found and Cleared the issue up. For Some Reason back before I did the Opt Change I forgot I didn't remove the Folder from the (Standard Drive that Steam Defaults to) I actually use a Separate 2 TB Drive for my Steam Games. It wasn't actually linking to the correct folder. THANK YOU THOUGH!! all fixed now.. This actually gives me a good excuse to reform the Computer anyway after this last round of BS Win 7 updates my Computer starting acting a little more flaky then I like. Its time to give my Machine a Fresh Install so maybe will do the machine some good. Cheers
  12. Macaronis

    "Patch 189" : Jun 16th, 2017

    Ok I have a Problem and I'm Scratching my head. I know how to Enable/Disable experiential but, Either I misunderstand who actually has access to 190 or something is seriously wrong with my build. (Steam) I for some reason can not get the 190 to install no matter what I do. I have deleted the folder switched from Experimental to regular and the only thing I can get is 158 on Steam. The only thing I have not done is Sacrifice A chicken.... and Honestly, I can not do that today, its to hot outside to get Chicken Entrails on me. Any Thoughts.. Thanks