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  1. Shield 84

    Unlock all.. and now ?

    Give it time. As more content comes out, you will find more hours of enjoyment. Remember you already bought the game so they wont charge more for new features. Keep an eye out for updates.
  2. Xbox 1. I have made a video of this on my profile titled Bug Report1. When using the crane to harvest resources if not careful you can lose what resources are on the slot. The new resource knocks off an incomplete on. Profile Shield84.
  3. Shield 84

    Rovers float away

    Xbox 1. I have used Upload Studio on Xbox to show a clip of this happening if it will help. I will try to attach it. If I cannot look up my profile on Xbox 1 and it is titled Bug Report2. Nope cant attach it. For video look up Shield84.
  4. Shield 84

    Power Stacks

    Just wanted to add. On exotic had same issue. But it seems the stacks get bugged after placing them on one of the building platforms 2 slots. Not sure if building specific or all of them. New one I harvested worked fine though.
  5. Shield 84

    Found Iron???

    So I found Hematite (iron ore) on exotic (real name is chaos trust me). I cant smelt it so I was wondering if it used for anything or if it has yet to be officially brought out on game?
  6. Just a suggestion but i would love it if you could make it so large storage and craines could be removed from rovers and put either on the ground or on a resin hub platform. Easier than making 3 rovers.
  7. I have been using truck trains for alot of transporting options. Also with 2 crains on two trucks (this way lithium and titanium mining results in less incomplete stacks) but the connection to the trucks are too close. On Barrens low gravity you have to slow down alot to keep from losing control. The trucks behind you keep ramming the back of the one you drive. This causes mass chaos when all vehicles are moving fast (the pile ups iv had have crashed the game)and you constantly have to get out and flip vehicles. Iv tried connecting them further apart but they always close in to 2 segments of cable within seconds. I suggest either allowing longer cables or brakes on the trailer trucks. Like when you move backwards to stop the front truck the trailers respond also. Just an idea.
  8. Shield 84

    Exotics Flora

    Xbox 1. Not sure if its supposed to but the tall slender grass stalks on Exotic act as pillers. Neither I or my large rover can move over them. Real annoying while driving. Like I said though not sure if its suppose to.
  9. Shield 84

    Power Stacks

    Xbox 1. Im on Barren right now and have many power stacks. But I cant seem to use them here to recharge batteries or rovers. Used them on Terran with no difficulty before.
  10. It happens on Xbox 1 to.
  11. Shield 84

    Drill Crain Issue

    Ohh I never thought of that. Thanks bud.
  12. Shield 84

    Very Stable Game

    Xbox 1. Great news, played for 7 hours straight. Went far under ground. Across a huge amount of planet. Just had my first ever crash. This game rocks!
  13. Xbox 1. Took the large shuttle to new point and built a new outpost off of it. Then flew it elsewhere and couldnt use the nodes at all. Went back to new outpost and couldnt reattach shuttle.
  14. Shield 84

    Drill Crain Issue

    Was using drill and somehow got 1 single piece of compound in my backpack. Cant get rid of it either. Loss one slot.