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  1. So my question is, was this game originally intended to have a "finish"? was it ever supposed to have dedicated servers, randomly generated planets, or any sort of massive multiplayer server? I'm sort of picking at a lot of the things that No Mans Sky was known for because when this game was still in development, I thought things like that would be implemented. If there was a game that took the best of this game and the best of NMS and put it all into one, I would be satisfied. Its hard to tell what I'm getting at in this post. To put it frankly, I'm disappointed that there aren't randomly generated worlds or more "variation". I guess it just doesn't work with the art style. Even though there's terrain, why cant we build bases with lego-like parts, like walls that can link together and created with material like compound, or why isn't there really any sort of automation? It would be cool to be able to build more complex "functions"/
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    Two tiny quality of life features

    +1 yes, please. please!!!
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    Crane floodlight slot

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    What direction is this game going?

    thank you, I re-read my post and your reply carefully, before I made this post, I haven't played for months. Coming back to the forums after putting in another 30 hours of gameplay, I am now aware that its not more variation that I am looking for. I got bored after having built 24 RTGs and I wanted to blow stuff up. I had 24 atmospheric condensers making hydrogen, and after 50 minutes (yes this really did take 50 minutes) of clicking each individual hydrogen and throwing them into a pit, once I had thrown all 1.5k, my game was super choppy and the explosion left a hole barely larger than the one with only 500 hydrogen. THIS leads me to suggest medium gas containers, just like the medium soil canister, with 16x the capacity of the smaller counterpart, and 16x the explosive power. SAME with hydrazine. I truly believe that everyone would appreciate medium sized hydrazine and gas containers. Large batteries too? Medium ones are nice for small vehicles and spaceships, but a large battery would be nice for stationary bases, less smaller parts, less lag even?
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    Endless exploration

    Its kind of a bummer that once you unlock all nodes, that's it. Like, play the game, and done. How about some endless, openworld, exploration expansion. It would be really fun for some open-world multiplayer galaxies, trading system and economy, and special augments. New planets appear as more and more people join the world, and asteroid field events can resupply people with soil and resources to build their planet with. In this galaxy, you can own, buy, sell, create, and reset planets, once you have the resources. Asteroid fields that appear have a chance to contain rare backpack mods for increased stats like power storage, resource booster, terrain tool boosted augments, etc. A new currency that can be traded for materials and between players would be necessary. The galaxy would be the map of the open world that contains all of the planets and players in it. This is the kind of game that I dreamed astroneer would be, this would open up so many possibilities.
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    Medium Canister and Soil Dispenser

    I think this is a great idea, something I actually addressed in a previous suggestion a while before 1.0 release. Compare this to the capacity difference between a small and medium battery, eight small batteries has half the capacitance as one medium. It would make sense if a medium canister would have the capacity of 16 small canisters, respectively. As for the crafting materials, I think a reasonable recipe should be: one glass, one ceramic.
  7. Most likely, astronium has a planned use in the near future. But I am going go to include it in one of my two ideas. I have two ideas, one is for energy storage, the other for generation. They have their pro's and cons, such that apply to real-world obstacles in their development. The Flywheel: Skip to the next paragraph under flywheel if you want to get to the point. Many of us have seen videos of free-energy flywheels, (free energy devices are fake clickbait) but wait, there's more! They aren't entirely useless. Flywheels convert their rotation to electricity by rotating magnets with their momentum, inducing a current in stationary copper coils. The idea behind this, is that they can "store" energy by adding a constant electric current to the coils, pushing the magnets, spinning the flywheel. This works vice versa, transferring energy back and forth between electric and kinetic (rotation). The key to this is that, you can spin something as fast as you want, until the internal structure of the wheel wont hold it together. It takes a lot of force to do that to carbon. Their bonds are like *hella* strong. This means you can really put a lot of energy into this. What determines how much energy that can be converted to motion in these are friction, and the mass of the flywheel. To reduce friction, levitate the flywheel on a magnetic field, and put it in a vacuum. Therefore, a flywheel energy storage device would be a stationary mechanical battery that has massive energy storage, but would slowly lose energy over time, due to the very slight drag. This could store many yellow tubes of energy, many more than the medium battery, but lose one every 5 seconds. [Energy storage= 256 - 1 per /5 seconds] [Charging rate = +4/second , only loses charge when not charging.] The Fusion Reactor: This is a machine that takes massive start-up energy, and requires constant supply of hydrogen gas. It fuses the hydrogen atoms, and gives ya 100 times more energy that it needed to start up, as a product. For the game this would be quite over powered, so lets reduce that to 20 times the energy, and let it consist of multiple large parts that are expensive to construct. For those who need a lot of power for whatever reason, this is the way to go. [Energy generation = 2048 per 16 hydrogen and 256 start-up energy]
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    Machine modularity

    What about forges, where u can store metals as liquids and require constant power to keep it melted? that would be fun. that would make automation possible with obtaining and refining metals. Vehicles are too easy to make. can we have a LOT more modularity? It would be so cool, fun, and challenging if I had to obtain a motor, a battery, a vehicle frame, and a seat before i could drive. | Copper + Space ship part --> motor | 2 aluminum --> vehicle frame | lithium + compound --> battery | what if you could build ur vehicles with parts like these as if they were legos?? SO COOL!! I wana design my own space rover! I would play this game forever if i could build my own things with more basic parts! To me it feels like this game is missing something, and i feel like adding this would really fill in that gap! and finally, sorry for grammar.
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    Machine modularity

    I think this game needs a complete modularity overhaul. no longer print rovers, spaceships, cranes, etc. Instead, you use medium printer to make all of the basic parts, and create your own custom vehicles and spaceships. Basic Parts: Tank, Canister, Battery, Metal Sheet/frame, Motor, Thruster, Cables, Wire, Solar Panel, Seat, Wheel, Light, Drill, Sensor, And more... All of these are obtainable via crash sites or crafting. When printing on vehicle bay, these basic parts will be required rather than raw resources. This way the player can explore crash sites and salvage parts, or go mining and craft the parts. Some parts may be costly, so it would be better to salvage, others cheap to make with available resources. Research System: Player must research individual parts, otherwise has to locate them at crash sites. Player can unlock a basic model for vehicle on vehicle bay, or build them custom. Crash Sites: Obtain all listed parts excluding the canister, wheel, and drill. Special Part: Programming Chip - required to make self - running and sustaining machines. Used as the center of unmanned machinery; connected by wire. Spaceflight: The heavier the spaceship, the more fuel consumed. ships and vehicles must abide by basic physics. This means weight balance, payload, lift power and electric power. Also, space flight will be more manual. Possible Custom build examples: Crane, longer drill, Elevator, Self-mining drill (use sensor, detects ores, etc) All of these changes would really make this game much more challenging, intricate, and fun.
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    I Had a Dream About this Game

    OK first of all, I had been playing a completely different game day in and day out, away from Astroneer, waiting for some nice update. One morning I had a dream before I woke up where I was walking along some astroneer-like landscape. Here are the differences, and why those differences would make this a better game. Atmosphere, Resources, Landscape Texture. The atmosphere of the planet in my dream was a more natural one, which brings me to the suggestion that the atmosphere on some planets is made a bit denser. The texture of the landscape and the first person view really gave me a sense of scale and made it feel more realistic, like I really was on an alien planet. On this planet in my dream, I looked around, seeing resources/ores that looked more natural, like the ore of some rare earth metal, not in its crystal form. The ores or soil bound resources were smaller, more random patches and uneven natural shapes. What I am saying is that there should be more visible colors and detail that make every patch of land unique and have its own mysteries. This would eliminate the repetitive "Everywhere all the same" feel to the planets. In a future update, I suggest adding to the natural formations and scale for resources. A patch of resin or compound would be smaller, and have a yield that compares the size of the resource obtained. In minecraft, you could explore the landscape for hours, and since the natural formation varies a lot with the variety of biomes, exploring can be more visually rewarding. Certain types of biomes are more abundant with certain resources. In a way, this game already accomplishes that, where a "biome" is defined by the planet, but they lack key visual details that add the exploration feel of varying lands. What really makes this game fun is the feel that everywhere I go, I find something new, something different and unique. Where I could play for hours and hours and never get bored until I have seen everything.
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    I Had a Dream About this Game

    I just got on today and played. I guess i was wrong, i mean.. how could it be made better? it already looks so cool. Changing anything would change the style of the game. nevermind! I guess all thats needed is to add more to discover and see, which is what is already being done.
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    Deform Tool

    On some levels / surfaces, the terrain tool would glitch, and wouldn't deform smoothly over the point I was aiming it at. It would be rather choppy, and jump from one position to the next when mining a flat surface. Ill see if I can make a small video the next time it happens and post the youtube video link for it on the comments. Also, When using multiple terrain tool mods, like having an inhibitor mod on the top of the tool, a boost mod on the side, and a wide mod below that one, the wide mod would deactivate when de-attaching one of the other two. Moving one mod affects the others. I would ask for any mod to work no matter the arrangement. Also, this isnt a glitch, but more of a suggestion. When I press tab, I usually have to click on the terrain to close the backpack, because pressing q a second time always opens the research menu. I think it would greatly improve the experience If the research menu has a different button to open from. When clicking the terrain, I would often alter the terrain because I did not put away the terrain tool yet.
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    Asteroid Mining

    I had this idea too. I agree. decent illustration btw.
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    Space Ship platform

    I think that there should be a separate base model / platform specifically for space ships, so that when landing, the game doesn't use all open vehicle bays as landing sites. This way, a player can define/specify the landing spots.
  15. The one thing about this game is that there aren't too many things to actually "do". Once you complete all the research, Its pretty much like, "I can either prepare and set up another base on another planet, (without much to gain or discover, more than I already have) or I can start a new game." To help give players more things to accomplish or complete, here are some of the ideas I have come up with today: Soil Density - Different types of soil have different types of mineral in them, so extracting mineral from a specific type of soil can extract more compound, and less lithium. Even using a mineral extractor is useless to obtain rare metals like lithium and titanium unless you use soil from deep enough within the planet, or on a planet that has that resource already abundant on the surface, which would mean the soil is rich enough with that type of resource that it can be found on the surface. More Resources ( that haven't been foreshadowed) - Resources like Gold, Silicon, etc Research Upgrades/Tiers - Some of the researches have levels, where once they are researched, they can be leveled up with more bytes. Leveling a research up would give small new additions. Certain researches cannot be completed until the player has reached another planet, and obtained an artifact or "sample" that can only be found on that planet Backpack Upgrades -Backpack upgraded to hold slightly more oxygen or power, without using tanks/batteries. 10% to 50% increased power/oxygen upgrades. +Backpack storage upgrades/attachments that slightly extend the storage on a backpack. jet-pack to replace the seat glitch, still allow movement at high speeds, add some restrictions. PLEASE!!! WE REALLY WANT A JET PACK SO WE CAN TRAVEL WITHOUT CHEATING , and speaking of that, maybe some more uses for hydrazine early-game + late game would spice things up. Large Printer A printer that uses a LOT of resources to print things like large batteries, that can hold 4 time more than a medium battery. Large (non vehicle) storage, a big cylinder with 32 connection points for items. Large solar panels (with extender for high point). Base walls / Dome to protect any enclosed areas from storms, and reduces dust/wind. Medium / Large soil containers instead of trucks loaded with a lot of small ones + soil tube, to transport soil from the tool, directly to the container. the soil tube would work like the base connectors, and can be printed in sections. More Power-demanding tech technology that takes a LOT of power for massive scale things. for example, a nuclear reactor that uses the equivalent of 32 medium batteries of power to generate one resource. another example is a huge drill, that digs a very wide hole in the planet straight down (very slowly, constantly requiring massive amounts of power per layer excavated. In return, may fill a lot of soil containers. or one big soil container, and collect resources. Terrain Tool Mods for excavation, create a mod that removes soil in more organized sections/cubes, so that the player is able to excavate in a more orderly manner, easier to work with. Other Stuff Lava? Meteor crash sites? Factory/automated tech? small wind mills are weak.. It would be nice if they could generate a tad bit more power. - Wind patterns/places that are always windy + jetstream.
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    More Things to do and Some of My Ideas

    I feel like i didn't explain the soil container thing very well. I think that large soil canisters printed from the medium printer should be added.
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    Power Prioritization

    the only issue is, what if the base did run out of oxygen? what then? In order to make this possible, the first base that the player makes should have unlimited oxygen like it already does, and if a different base runs out of oxygen, they will no longer be able to respawn there, and respawn at the original base. This way, the players will have to keep the oxygen running themselves once they explore new planets/landing sites or make new habitats.
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    Power Prioritization

    I think that there should be power prioritization, a sequence or order of base models that power flows to, or where it is connected to the base model first. This way, a player can avoid wasting power to complete a research when the sun is down, or when their power is limited. Then a player can use the power for base models like the printer, to print something of high priority before using all of the power on research. Along with this, I think that generators should only run when there is something that is missing power, to avoid wasting endless organics/coal when the power is fully recharged. This way, I can just put a bunch of organics on my generators when I need a lot of power, and not have them run when everything has full power. The use of power / storage seems like such an interesting concept in this game, and once there is more than enough power to go around, there's no use for it. I think that some of the new content that may be added on later should require a LOT more power, which would spice things up a bit. Here are some ideas to find use for all of that power: Processes that should require constant power: Oxygen Production in Vehicles/Refill from Base - For this to work, the main base model should have a visible oxygen tank, which is what the player starts out with, and uses to refill their tank. The more they refill, the more it uses, and constant power will be required to constantly keep the tank full. With this, a medium oxygen tank would be useful, so that if the base does run out of power, there will be plenty more oxygen to use up. This may be difficult or add a challenge with research since research also requires constant power. This may cause some difficulties with being away from the game without constant power to produce oxygen. For example, the player could suffocate simply because there is constantly no power. To fix this, sitting in the main base model (home) will not consume oxygen. -I will edit and add more later,
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    Power Prioritization

    the oxygen tank that I am talking about is a larger one that is part of to the main pod, (which would explain where all the oxygen is coming from), and It would have about 32 or 16 times the amount on a backpack.
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    resource compactor

    Yeah, doesnt really shorten the time of exporation, but opens up more time to explore, all while keeping the base more organized. I dont see why you would want to make the tedious parts of the game the part that takes the most time.
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    resource compactor

    Its not that bad to slightly increase the storage or allow resources to be compacted a little, as long as its not like a whole 64 stack in minecraft, but a more "pure" and "dense" resource, at most 4 times more efficient. A resource compactor/refiner would probably take a lot of mechanical energy IRL, so the resources shouldn't be able to be compacted until they are brought back to said base and put through a platform meant for this action. This would make underground mining more interesting, as a player could then just set up a base that's already underground. Then the only thing left would be how to get enough power to the base. basically, the resource compactor can be a type of base model, like the mineral extractor is. like all of the other models, it would have to be researched. Quickly collecting raw materials does cause the base to be developed faster, but this wouldnt exactly speed up the process. It would just make it more organized, and save storage.
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    More Things to do and Some of My Ideas

    Also, I know a lot of people want creatures to shoot at / fight. This isn't that kind of game, which this game has so much potential. I don't want it to be ruined by something like violence. If they take that step in and actually add aliens and what not, that would ruin the whole idea of peaceful space exploration. Even if they took a step back and removed such aliens and less peaceful content, the game would still never be the same or fully recover from the lasting effects. go create your own games for that. What I mean to say is, I like the way that this game is going, and I also think that the game right now should have enough open space to add in new stuff, without making it difficult to add other content in later. Everything kinda works together and is cross dependent. If one thing works one way, that would affect how everything else works. Adding in aliens would make it impossible for some ideas that come from the peaceful exploration view to work. The Ideas that people suggest shouldn't take away the purpose of things that are already in game, or planned to be. This may explain why they havent added jetpacks, either that, or its not a high priority. When I come up with suggestions, I try to avoid anything that would take away potential, or not allow other ideas to work along with it. Say If something like aggressive aliens were added, that wouldnt allow players to just go in to any cave and start mining. now they gotta start out with some sort of weapon to fight it off with. that means that a whole bunch of resources would become tied to making certain weapons. In that case, you would have to cautiously mine and prepare to go to another planet to get the right materials you need to make that weapon. Oh no, a space ship just flew over, hopefully they don't see you, and destroy your whole base. Obviously, the more you think about it, the more and more "things" you will have to add to allow some things to work with the idea of "aggressive aliens". eventually, everything else that's already in place will have different purposes that take away potential or focus it in areas where they shouldn't be. Eventually, the whole purpose of the game will digress away from peaceful exploration one way or another, which is what we do not want. We want to add things that would allow for more possibilities, non violent ones of course.
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    Power/Oxygen Specific Slots

    The backpack should have 4 extra slots on each side for batteries and oxygen. This would allow the player to hold up to 8 more items that can only be oxygen tanks or batteries. These spaces can not hold any other items. This way, players can have enough power/oxygen to mine through caves and collect soil without having to give up inventory space. Who wants to go cave exploring if they have to take multiple trips getting all of their discoveries to the surface? I would rather have my oxygen and power on the sides leaving space open to carry stuff up or to explore longer and carry more before I had to go back and drop items off.
  24. DarkPhosphorus

    Oxygenate Terran

    Yeah I know that, some gases like carbon dioxide can exist as a liquid if it is under great pressure and cooled. I'm in honors chemistry... So back to the original idea of oxygenating Terran, the non-renewable oxygen found in caves should only exist if it is found as a solid, which requires it to be very cold. Or trapped as gas bubbles in rocks/soil. Terran should not have a surface atmosphere of oxygen because its an alien planet. The plants may be supported by a different kind of gas or liquid than oxygen or water. The game needs a challenge and if the surface already had oxygen, the player would almost never need to think about it (or ever will) until they go to a different one and suffocate. It would make the most sense in my opinion that the habitat has its own oxygen collector/generator, and beyond the base, a medium oxygen tank must be placed on vehicles when the player is not tethered to the base. The player can also just use small oxygen tanks, but they would be less efficient than a medium one. Just like small batteries to medium batteries.
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    Thruster start button

    I also agree, it's too difficult to put more than one hydrazine on at a time