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  1. thank you, I re-read my post and your reply carefully, before I made this post, I haven't played for months. Coming back to the forums after putting in another 30 hours of gameplay, I am now aware that its not more variation that I am looking for. I got bored after having built 24 RTGs and I wanted to blow stuff up. I had 24 atmospheric condensers making hydrogen, and after 50 minutes (yes this really did take 50 minutes) of clicking each individual hydrogen and throwing them into a pit, once I had thrown all 1.5k, my game was super choppy and the explosion left a hole barely larger than the o
  2. So my question is, was this game originally intended to have a "finish"? was it ever supposed to have dedicated servers, randomly generated planets, or any sort of massive multiplayer server? I'm sort of picking at a lot of the things that No Mans Sky was known for because when this game was still in development, I thought things like that would be implemented. If there was a game that took the best of this game and the best of NMS and put it all into one, I would be satisfied. Its hard to tell what I'm getting at in this post. To put it frankly, I'm disappointed that there aren't randoml
  3. Its kind of a bummer that once you unlock all nodes, that's it. Like, play the game, and done. How about some endless, openworld, exploration expansion. It would be really fun for some open-world multiplayer galaxies, trading system and economy, and special augments. New planets appear as more and more people join the world, and asteroid field events can resupply people with soil and resources to build their planet with. In this galaxy, you can own, buy, sell, create, and reset planets, once you have the resources. Asteroid fields that appear have a chance to contain rare backpack mods for inc
  4. I think this is a great idea, something I actually addressed in a previous suggestion a while before 1.0 release. Compare this to the capacity difference between a small and medium battery, eight small batteries has half the capacitance as one medium. It would make sense if a medium canister would have the capacity of 16 small canisters, respectively. As for the crafting materials, I think a reasonable recipe should be: one glass, one ceramic.
  5. Most likely, astronium has a planned use in the near future. But I am going go to include it in one of my two ideas. I have two ideas, one is for energy storage, the other for generation. They have their pro's and cons, such that apply to real-world obstacles in their development. The Flywheel: Skip to the next paragraph under flywheel if you want to get to the point. Many of us have seen videos of free-energy flywheels, (free energy devices are fake clickbait) but wait, there's more! They aren't entirely useless. Flywheels convert their rotation to electricity by rotating magnets wi
  6. I think this game needs a complete modularity overhaul. no longer print rovers, spaceships, cranes, etc. Instead, you use medium printer to make all of the basic parts, and create your own custom vehicles and spaceships. Basic Parts: Tank, Canister, Battery, Metal Sheet/frame, Motor, Thruster, Cables, Wire, Solar Panel, Seat, Wheel, Light, Drill, Sensor, And more... All of these are obtainable via crash sites or crafting. When printing on vehicle bay, these basic parts will be required rather than raw resources. This way the player can explore crash sites and salvage parts,
  7. What about forges, where u can store metals as liquids and require constant power to keep it melted? that would be fun. that would make automation possible with obtaining and refining metals. Vehicles are too easy to make. can we have a LOT more modularity? It would be so cool, fun, and challenging if I had to obtain a motor, a battery, a vehicle frame, and a seat before i could drive. | Copper + Space ship part --> motor | 2 aluminum --> vehicle frame | lithium + compound --> battery | what if you could build ur vehicles with parts like these as if they were legos?? SO COO
  8. I just got on today and played. I guess i was wrong, i mean.. how could it be made better? it already looks so cool. Changing anything would change the style of the game. nevermind! I guess all thats needed is to add more to discover and see, which is what is already being done.
  9. OK first of all, I had been playing a completely different game day in and day out, away from Astroneer, waiting for some nice update. One morning I had a dream before I woke up where I was walking along some astroneer-like landscape. Here are the differences, and why those differences would make this a better game. Atmosphere, Resources, Landscape Texture. The atmosphere of the planet in my dream was a more natural one, which brings me to the suggestion that the atmosphere on some planets is made a bit denser. The texture of the landscape and the first person view really gave me a s
  10. I had this idea too. I agree. decent illustration btw.
  11. I think that there should be a separate base model / platform specifically for space ships, so that when landing, the game doesn't use all open vehicle bays as landing sites. This way, a player can define/specify the landing spots.
  12. I feel like i didn't explain the soil container thing very well. I think that large soil canisters printed from the medium printer should be added.
  13. the only issue is, what if the base did run out of oxygen? what then? In order to make this possible, the first base that the player makes should have unlimited oxygen like it already does, and if a different base runs out of oxygen, they will no longer be able to respawn there, and respawn at the original base. This way, the players will have to keep the oxygen running themselves once they explore new planets/landing sites or make new habitats.