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  1. I just wish we could make use of the stuff we find. I keep finding small thrusters and would love to use them but nothing yet.
  2. The inclusion of Alien Glyphs as research items. Each glyph you find teaches you part of an alien language. probably found in ruins left behind by the aliens. If you can collect all of the glyphs then you would be able to read the alien text, the game would auto translate the glyphs you have found. You would probably need this language to operate and repair a downed alien ship that has the power to take you to a new solar-system. I don't know if you can go to another solar-system yet. I think it would be a neat quest.
  3. They did seem like they wanted to avoid combat and including aliens directly would make that more difficult to avoid. However That would be awesome to find even a primitive group of aliens. They could go the 'Out There: Omega' route and allow you to barter with the aliens or they are so scared of you that they give you resources as a peace offering and then hide in their homes and lock their doors.
  4. It could also be added to the name of the save file to help differentiate saves.
  5. considering how the game is designed so that everything is part of the world (like your backpack is your inventory menu) the tech tree couldn't be a visual menu like in other games. However I could see something like a basic research lab that leads to an advanced research lab which leads to an other more advanced lab and each one allows you to research larger mysterious objects or something like that. You might find alien technology and need a research station that specifically researches that.
  6. I have also reduced the view distance all the way down, and reduced the resolution to 1280x720 This helped a little but didn't solve it. Though in my game I lose fps for minutes at a time, sound clips in sync with the video. eventually the fps picks back up. I have never crashed. the rest of my system runs just fine. I can hit the windows key and the start menu immediately responds.
  7. For now that would be great. I would prefer later though If I could pull out the crane and drill if we could mine the trees for a bunch of plant
  8. This I think this is the right Idea. The smooth option would improve ramp building up or down a cliff
  9. I have seen planets in my sky look like that too.