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    Unplayable Performance on RX VEGA eGPU

    I have no Probs with Performance i7-6700k - gtx 1070 - 16gb ram however ... my cpu is at 20 - 25% load .. my gpu @70% (dunno if its 4k - i cant see my resolution nor able to change it) but i used to play anything on 4k as its my desktop resolution As far as i know UE and AMD are not rly good friends...
  2. Bongwasserfisch

    unreal engine no me deja correr el juego

    Ever heard about: English is world language ???
  3. Bongwasserfisch

    Can't click anything, can only move and jump

    Exactly same happend to me. So I guess in start a new one
  4. Bongwasserfisch

    New update?

    Same here ! Whats new ??????