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  1. DJMic

    Astroneers in distress

    this is a wonderful idea, and can be really helpful for the great adventures wanting a quick game... but that's the thing, people will start to use the npc's to farm materials, witch would take away the need to go and get them yourself, and it would become another adventure capitalist game, just in first person.
  2. DJMic

    Transport System

    a lot of people have been saying many things about teleportation, some with vehicles, and others with just the person. with how many bugs are still in the game, no, it would be a bad idea. but , because the developers code this game faster then I can type, I'm sure itll probably end up having it in there and heeeey, I'm polish too (live in America though)
  3. DJMic

    Three New Module Ideas (Artwork Included)

    *blushes* oh come on guys lol, jk jk but no this would be a great idea, ive thought of it as well, its an easy way to get from base to base something that could be done, is it needs an extreme amount of voltage, meaning it'll only work, for a base that's attached to a satellite (the one with the solar panel and all, you know what I'm talking about.) P.S. ........ +1
  4. DJMic


    if you want fighting, go and buy space engineers(its on steam, $24.99? not all that great though), this is asroneer, its not a pvp, or a pvc or anything like that (I hope to god that never changes) I'm not trying to be bashful here, but there are so many people suggesting fighting (and it mostly little kids who want a fancier version of mine craft) and I do not want that in this game.... I enjoy the ability to just explore, and so do many other people. maybe it'll be useful in a story mode (they probably wont make one) but that's really the only place it should go
  5. DJMic

    Did someone say trains?

    no no no, in my mind I'm picturing some souped up train that they create themselves to sorta match with all the vehicles, not some lame old normal train, its mainly just a railed system to help go back and forth between one spot
  6. constantly, ill run off to collect resources, and when I arrive back, the truck I have nearby (witch I left right side up) would have fallen over, or be glitching back in place, playing the sound like it just hit something. and with the large shuttle, as its just still on the ground (this only happens when its empty) ill start shaking like a little kid spazzing
  7. DJMic

    Did someone say trains?

    ive started to collect all of them, so when they become useful, I have all of them, and ya, I was mainly thinking it for a transport system through the miles of caves you normally move thorough, it just makes it more.... convenient
  8. DJMic

    What do you do?.....

    it was just a though, to like.... make your selection effect the game
  9. it could possibly be powered as well by those useless marbles you find every where, me and my father have just started collecting all we find for the heck of it
  10. okay, so we all know that we have four.. wait no... ya four characters we can pick at the start of each game (I always pick the orange one because he reminds me of the fish from chicken little) but what exactly is the purpose of them, just for selection? but what if they could all have their differences? the big guy: he could be stronger, and hold more on his back then all the others the skinny guy: he could be faster, and jump a lot higher, especially on lover weight gravity planets the orange guy: could hold more energy while the normal guy: holds more oxygen but, they do have their disadvantages as well the big guy: cant jump on your heavy weight planets and is a lot slower then all the others the skinny guy: holds less then the others, and sometimes that jump is a curse as well the orange guy: doesn't have as much oxygen and the normal guy.... well he's just his annoying low energy annoying self.(am I wrong?)
  11. DJMic

    Did someone say trains?

    probably have it just like the vehicles, they require energy or hydrozen to move (probably energy) and can only be recharged at the bass station, or while staying still with solar panels ya, the thought came to mind as me and my father were playing together, and we kept getting the truck stuck down in the cave, to try and make it easier to move research
  12. the best part about astroneer.... is definitely not the hours you spend walking from one end of the map, to the other.... and then back. if we could have a railed vehicle that we could use to move down into the miles of caves that are inside of the planets, it could make movement much easier. it can be done of two ways: 1. a brand new module, that produces tracks, and railed vehicles, which can hold your large storage, crains, etc. (module examples are vehicle bay, medium printer, etc.) 2. have it build off the vehicle bay and be devoted to railed vehicles and their attachments. the rail layout system could be the same as the way you extend your base. stand where you want it to go, then add its resource to build it. (in my opinion it could use either copper or aluminum) doing this will possibly allow for and easier creation of it because it nearly the same for the base extensions. im no programmer, but the way i think it works is already created, all you have to do is just form it to your wants (correct me if im wrong) creating this will allow you to sit in the train (maybe add a key for it to go to the other end without stopping) possibly go off and do other things in the real world, as you make it to your base with a ton of research following behind you.
  13. DJMic

    Graphic levels plaese

    its a joke, my father has one and its a joke between me and how because of how it surpasses everything just about, but its still the fact so that it moves very slow, and it needs to have an ability to lower the graphics
  14. DJMic

    New space ship design

    I agree, having bigger shuttles to go into different galaxy's would be awesome, or even having a little base up in the sky's to refuel, or collect supplies from to sent to another planet. you could construct it on the ground in a special station and cost a crap ton on resources to construct.