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  1. I am getting this now as well. Did your issue ever get resolved or are you still crashing? I clicked that "answerhub" link and searched. The snarky reply there was they were not an Astroneer forum and to post on the Steam forum. Why then would the directions tell us to go to answerhub if they have no intention of actually offering advice? Just sayin', yanno?
  2. Lol, I know. Was just being silly. Would have made a great action gif for the game though.
  3. I agree. To me this game is a nice relaxing change from my regular MMOs. Just explore and build. Perfect.
  4. We need some "like" and "funny" buttons here. I would "like" the hell out of this trick.
  5. Did you do your own stunts or did you have a double?
  6. Oh boy! I have no clue either. I did restart and wound up on a much prettier planet than the one I was on. So all is well. thanks!
  7. I traveled to a new planet last night. The only thing I'm able to do is TAB to enter/leave my vehicle and plant tethers. I cannot click on anything. Using the terrain tool does nothing. I cannot access anything either on my vehicle or in my backpack. I cannot leave the planet. I guess this iteration will need to be deleted.
  8. I went a different rout. I took note of which direction the storms blew in and put up a Trump wall for shelter. Since I'm not very far into the game yet and don't have any storage, so I've dug some pits to sort my various resources. This also make a nice place to hide when I'm back at base and those blocks start flying around.
  9. This is great. It's like the hand in Project Gorgon. Can't remember the name of the town it was near though.
  10. Hi all. I'm new, very new to Astroneer. Have been looking for a replacement for Landmark and I believe this is it. I love the soundtrack. It's smooth and puts me in the right mood to dig some big holes! lol Anyway, I dig a little, hide from sandstorms, dig some more, then watch a youtube vid or two to see what else I might be missing. Tons apparently. But that's ok. It will keep me going trying to discover new things. I have a few issues, which I think others have addressed already. Running with whatever treasure you've dug out of the ground is frustrating. I dig up a bunch, then herd the bunch back to my Great Wall Of Trump to keep it safe during sandstorms. Rinse, repeat. Hopefully there will be a way to increase carry amounts somewhere down the line. My other issue is how short the days are. This might just be a newbie issue though. I read someone else's comment about it being dark all the time as well. I didn't realize there were multiple planets, so maybe I just need to try somewhere else. Anyway, love the game even in this early rendition. Can't wait to see where it goes. Cheers!