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    Astroneer 1.0 QOL suggestion thread

    Tethers can get long, I’m busy with a task and a friend jumps on... he selects start of tether and sees a list I put up of what is along that particular tether chain. Certain ore, ungathered research, crashed spaceship solar panel we need at base camp, etc....
  2. Shared Needle

    Soundtrack sounds similar

    No no, roommate was watching requiem, I was walking up the stairs and was like," he playing astroneer?" Lol, digital sounding music. I doubt anyone can even claim rights to that sound
  3. Shared Needle

    Soundtrack sounds similar

    Watched Reqeium for a Dream yesterday and the music in that movie sounds very close to Astroneer soundtrack.
  4. Non violent, must you use profanity dark phosphorus? The alien I suggested steal stuff, not attack you. Jeez,lighten up
  5. Shared Needle

    X marks the spot

    Unfortunate that it's just a glitch, I'm thinking silly over here, waiting for light source to be in a specific orientation to see x shine through to a spot I'm going to dig at, see what I find, lol
  6. Shared Needle

    drilling fragment explosion

    sometimes when i drill titanium or lithium or anything for that matter fragments of resources explode all over and none are usable, here is a screen shot to understand exactly what im mentioning. also if there was a way to vacuum up these pieces and bring to smelter to consolidate them into usable items that would be a great idea.
  7. Shared Needle

    X marks the spot

    anyone else find an X in the ground unfillable with terrain tool? is it a " x marks the spot" kind of thing like a treasure map or just a glitch?
  8. if you had alien life, i would think a gremlin type alien that would lurk around your base, just out of sight taking your precious resources. a little weird music plays softly to alert you, and if you find their den...jackpot! you find what they took from you and or possibly what they have been stealing from all previous astroneers that landed before you, or crashed on world. thank you