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  1. Also, I think that the P.O.D. should be able to be blown away by Storms, and if you go on the planet Arid (Which is always constantly windy) it will get blown away almost instantly. So if you have your drone with you while you are flying through space, if you try to land on Arid, you will get an alert that says: "Your P.O.D. cannot resist the winds on this planet. If you enter this planet, DO NOT deploy your P.O.D. or it will be blown away." Then you have to click the "OK" button to continue. (You will only get this alert twice because it would get annoying for someone who always sees the aler
  2. This game is about the 25th century gold rush. You don't colonize the solar system, you are risking your life for the chance to strike it rich. Read the game desc.