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  1. [TS]Infernal Crusader

    Make occupied vehicle bays ineligible for landing

    I would enjoy landing in whatever spot suited my current interests, yes. And while there are other means of trolling that may prove easier to those bent on griefing, planets such as the Barren are prime spots for potential trolling with the malevolent occupation of landing sites. If every site that was occupied was simply grayed out, that could open the door for people to potentially lock other players off said planets. The few natural landing zones could be taken up, and even if you had a vehicle bay, what would stop someone bent on ruining your day from pulling a rover in and hooking it up? Then you're locked off the Barren until someone decides to fly away. This is simply an example, but it is possible. And my idea may not be the most simple or elegant, but perhaps there could be a compromise between the two. Let us try and put our ideas together in a way that is more constructive than badgering each other in a thread meant to address an issue, not cause them.
  2. [TS]Infernal Crusader

    Make occupied vehicle bays ineligible for landing

    As someone who mostly plays SP, the thought of natural landing sites being occupied by rovers is of little concern to me. But I see no reason why it flying into the air and then landing again would be a problem. It would still allow you to land wherever you please, and would prevent potential trolling once dedicated servers become a thing. The only problem I foresee is people building habitats at landing sites, which could be easily prevented with just a "barrier" that prevents building in that zone.
  3. [TS]Infernal Crusader

    Make occupied vehicle bays ineligible for landing

    If a natural landing site is occupied by a rover or other vehicle, I think it should simply be moved out of the way. Just, push it to the side. If that means it ends up underground or something, so be it. Or just launch the damn thing into the air. It'll come back down eventually.
  4. [TS]Infernal Crusader

    Most Frequent Suggestion + Confirmed Features

    Maybe the potential mechs could use cranes as arms? In their current state, cranes are a pain to use in SP, and have very few uses.
  5. [TS]Infernal Crusader

    Turbines need to turn in a storm

    Very true. On planets like the Terran especially. But on the moon, it wouldn't be a problem. There would be no spinning whatsoever.
  6. [TS]Infernal Crusader

    3D Astroneer model

    I think you just made my day
  7. [TS]Infernal Crusader

    So....Whats in a Story?..............

    As always, there is a story to this game. You are an entrepreneur going into space to make your fortune. I understand people's desire for a narrative, but does this game really need one? I wouldn't mind if the dead Astroneers had data logs on them or something of the sort talking about how their exploration was going, and maybe it would have a beacon location for their ruined base with a few resources. But just being an entrepreneur is enough story to go on. The game has very little in it that suggests a story. The only thing that leaves me completely confused is why Sputnik is in a cave on some random planet. But, as always, if people want a story, then suggest away. That's just my take on the thought.
  8. [TS]Infernal Crusader

    Make occupied vehicle bays ineligible for landing

    The solution is actually remarkably simple. Let the launch pad build Spaceships. Make it so each launchpad does one of these things: Only one specific spaceship can land on it. Good for SP, not so much for MP There could be 2 storage platforms to either side where it moves spaceships that have landed, providing room for another one (This would make the module rather big, but we're talking spaceships, it's going to be big) Some other third thing
  9. [TS]Infernal Crusader

    Graphic levels plaese

    As someone playing on an Alienware 13 R2, I can confirm I do NOT get 60 fps. 30 is my normal on a good day. But this thing heats up like crazy, so on a warm summer's day, maybe 20-25.
  10. [TS]Infernal Crusader

    Changes to the Radiation Planet's worms

    Now, I'm sure anyone who has played enough Astroneer has fallen victim to the worms on the radiation planet. They're big, creepy, and they make weird noises. But, they aren't a huge threat. If you just cover them up, you never have to worry about them again. I'd like them to have the potential to be more frightening. Maybe, if you strayed too close to the edge, they would lunge up and attack you, similar to the worm from Star Wars. They wouldn't have to do this 100% of the time, but maybe an RNG could decide if it was going to mess you up this time. It would make you have to be a little more cautious around them, while not being excessively difficult. The stone around them can be blown up with dynamite, leaving an incomplete pulsating worm model just floating on the planet's surface. Perhaps they can be killed instead? How do they get there? Maybe there could be random tunnels that were made of the gray terrain color that were thin, and eventually ended up reaching the back end of the worm? You could follow one until you reached that pulsating worm booty, and then you could blow it up from behind? Just to get rid of it. This post is full of some weird language, so I apologize to all those who had their eyes violated by this. The word pulsating just fits so well.
  11. [TS]Infernal Crusader

    astroid belt

    If you're getting bored of this game, I would personally recommend creating an underground base. The power issue provides enough entertainment to solve, especially if you're on the moon without a large generator. But asteroids in real life are normally incredibly small. There are some larger ones, but these are also very rarely that big (Compared to planets). Given that the planets are significantly scaled down for this game, it would stand to reason that if the largest asteroids that we've spotted in our solar system were brought in to the proper scale of this game, at best, it would be a Little Prince scenario. You would be able to jump all the way around the asteroid in one sprinting leap. And the escape velocity would be next to nothing, allowing you to hurtle yourself into the cold abyss of space with even a slight bit of momentum off a raised section. TL;DR: So, this idea may not be the most practical for the game in its current state, but maybe if they decide to scale up the planets it could work.
  12. Howdy anyone important who cares to take a look at this thread. I was struck by a sudden curiosity; what happened to the models for the game in the teaser trailer? I'm not inherently upset that the game came out differently than the trailer, I'm just curious. They seemed to be well modeled, and just wanted to know what fate had befallen them.
  13. [TS]Infernal Crusader

    New lights

    My apologies. The search bar is hidden so well, I couldn't find it
  14. [TS]Infernal Crusader

    Improve beacon visibility

    I imagine it is likely going to be something that you have from the get-go, but you have to fill it out by exploring. I'm curious if the 3D planet would change how they draw this map, but I'm excited
  15. [TS]Infernal Crusader

    Improve beacon visibility

    In their new road map, they specifically listed cartography.