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  1. So I had a dream that this was in the game. It's pretty simple: just have two more power connectors on the large rover, one on each side. Perhaps when they are connected to something, the rover will deploy feet (like a real-life crane) to keep it from moving. The feet would be retracted if you tried to drive it. This would help with powering the portals, since you wouldn't have to take off whatever you put on the end of the rover. It is also easier to drive up alongside portals and base platforms since you can continue forward when done, and can align any of the cars instead of just the first or last car.
  2. I also got this bug. When I reloaded the save, the chem lab made two about half-filled hydrazine. Running it again would fill up the still attached one and then stop, at which point you could remove the full hydrazine from inside the machine and it would continue to create another half-full one. Saving and reloading fixed the issue by making the other half-full one interactable again.
  3. Seaish

    Update 0.10.5 - November 14, 2018

    Sup Joe and friends, I've been here a while, ever since the subreddit had less than 1000 people in it, and only payno_attention and wyvyrias ever posted. I haven't played as much as most people, but this is still one of my favorite games. It's turned out great, and it's amazing that it'll be 1.0 soon! Keep doing what you do! I'll always come back to Space Vacuum Simulator ?
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    Welcome Fellow Astroneers!

    Hello all! Good luck out there.