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  1. When I first bought the game in June, I was able to transition from xbox to Win 10 PC easily and play on my same world/saves but since there have been several updates, I'm not able to do that. They don't seem to be talking to each other anymore and I'm not sure why. I'm logged into my Xbox account on my PC and launching it through the windows 10 store and it appears to be up to date but it's not showing me my saves I have when I launch the game on the Xbox. Any help would be appreciated because this runs much better on my PC. Thanks
  2. Kaiser

    Where did the forests go ?

    I'm new to the game and started after 182 but I had seen videos of Exotic and was excited to go there. I agree, that it seems dull. I landed in about 4 different spots and and none of them seemed too exciting. It's probably my least favorite planet as is now. But my Terran has what I guess you could consider a forest. There's a bunch of trees, they are just scattered so I'm not sure how dense they used to be before 182.
  3. Kaiser

    Looking For Players Megathread

    Platform(s): xbox / windows 10 Location: USA east coast Language(s): English Microphone: Yes Looking for: 1-3 others Can play from: pretty much anytime except weekdays before 5pm Can host: Yes Comment: looking for someone to start fresh with. i've never done multiplayer so I'd just like to try. my gamertag is Guardian Kaiser. Add me there and send me a message and we can try to get together.
  4. Kaiser

    XB1 Frame Rate Issue

    The frame rate has gotten so bad the more I play that it's borderline unplayable. It's really disappointing because of how much I love this game. I've put 20 hours in about 5 days and think the features and ideas are amazing but when I compare the fps of a new save to this one, it kills it for me. Why keep playing if after 10 hours my character animation looks like a sticky note flip book? I understand it's pre alpha so if this is something that will definitely get fixed closer to a full release, then I'll stick around. Thanks again.
  5. Sorry if this has been discussed many times, I'm new to the game and forums. I have close to 15 hours on my game and I've only been playing solo. The first half of that time, I had no issues but lately, the frame rate seems to have drastically dropped regardless of what I'm doing in game. Any tips for Xbox users on how to improve frame rate in the later stages of the game with large bases? Thanks
  6. Kaiser

    Screenshots Megathread

    I'm brand new to the game. This was my first time touching down on barren. I think I'll stay here for a while!
  7. Kaiser

    Changes to barren

    I've got about 10 hours in the game right now and so far this is my only complaint. It's way too difficult to drive on barren. The physics for my astroneer running around seem great but don't translate well to the rover. I haven't tried yet but if i add another train and weigh it down with storage, does it still fly all over the place?
  8. Kaiser

    Has anyone else done this??

    I just got the game yesterday and this will be my first project today when I get back on. Build a little storage cave for my loose resources. Yours looks good!