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  1. but I have steam, 190 and no sound fix for me.. I try all, reinstall, .nosound, reinstall sound driver ( I have Xonar STX )
  2. yes, no difference, new game or save game , no sound..
  3. no sound for me, Steam Version patch 190
  4. Hi, Keyboard/Mouse Steam Version patch 190 See the photo, can't use that slot , the organic resource dont remove.
  5. ok the problem is solved, Microsoft refund me, and I buy Steam Version, I copy the old save game and rename it in AUTOSAVE_0_2017.06.17-14.06.46.sav , now work all perfectly....
  6. I think it's a problem with microsoft sync , I will ask for the refund to buy it on steam ..
  7. The save file is not written 1) 9:18 (when I save) and the save file rimains at 09:05
  8. any help ? where are the save game file on windows 10 ?
  9. PC Version (Store Microsoft) Patch 189 after I see the rest of dinosaur on the moon the game dont save, Always restart from the same point... I Lost 14 days of game ?
  10. I have problem with save game, Im on the moon and and not always save correctly...
  11. yes.. I don't understand , the game and save game work regularly, this on Windows 10 Store.
  12. update in progress on windows 10 store 1,34GB
  13. need more singolary content in the various planets... more diversity and more upgrade.. more custom etc..