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  1. if ur an adult y u playing a KIDS GAME o ya since this is a game stop cussing
  2. shiloh calvert

    astroid belt

    I love that there's more planets in astroneer but I'm pretty board of them but think what if there's a asteroid belt before one of the planets like as example past radiation there's a asteroid belt with millions of asteroids to visit and to colonies so there's so much more to do the game if you add that
  3. shiloh calvert

    nuclear power plant

    I don't know if this is in the game but if its not it would be awesome to add a nuclear power plant like generator but larger and uses these following materials coal last one hour astronium last 1 week lithium last 1 day
  4. shiloh calvert


    I don't know if some one already thought of this but I think there should be mods by the community to add to your game
  5. shiloh calvert

    Road Builder Vehicle Attachments

    that's a relly good idea I was thinking of that
  6. shiloh calvert

    intelligent life

    LOOKS ok I have came up with some things for them they are blue with green brains they are humanoid NAME there name should be the zeta (zeta invaders) named after a very high tech alien WHAT THEY DO the only things hey no is grow build colonize when you first start the game thy should start off like a minor species but as you evolve in technology they evolve they live on exotic because its a lot like terrain also to stop them you have to shoot a lazer beam into the sky that will give a warning so they don't visit your planet (but you can try to co live with them if you choose)
  7. shiloh calvert

    splitscreen for xbox

    plz add splitscreen for xbox me and my brother want to play together all the time but we cant because there is no splitscreen plz add
  8. it would be awesome to have a living area or dome to protect you against sand storms
  9. shiloh calvert

    intelligent life

    I think and others I know think it would be awesome to have intelligent life on other planets such as being at radiation
  10. shiloh calvert


    in the dune I think it would be cool to add water. so whos with me
  11. I hate when I miss place something because it takes up space and I waste materials so I think if you are able to destroy a building you should also get your materials back that you used so (ps plz fallow me)
  12. don't you hate when you start a fresh world and it takes so long to get the spaceship/shuttle I have been in one of my worlds for a few months and I still don't have it the game is awesome and most of the cool stuff is in space so why wait so long
  13. shiloh calvert

    [Merged] Vehicle Issues

    my turck and rovers keep flouting when I leave them alone and when I go over a rock my truck starts to hover its super weird and I lost so many vehicles plz fix it