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  1. I feel like the organic and coal usage could be tweaked a little bit. Each nugget should provide a little more power before burning out. The medium generator is definitely still not worth using, by the time you get it, everything is fully powered (and it's still not generating power for long enough to be useful). The other thing I think I would like to see is trading bytes for resources (maybe through the trade platform???) Once you are done researching everything, there will be no reason to go out looking for more research pods. I wish there was a workaround for getting improved performance. I'm really sad in the mid/late game loop when everything is a slideshow. Can we get some feedback from the devs on what is causing the most drain on the system? AND FINALLY. I really hate the dynamite mechanism for rebuilding your base. We should be able to sell/recycle to move things around without having buggy holes in the ground. I haven't really frequented the forums too much, I'm sure that's on the list somewhere. That's my... 4 cents.
  2. Freshmanrob

    Am i the only one disappointed?

    I was overwhelmed by the grind at first, too. But I got a bunch of stuff researched and my base built up (I did in fact feel a sense of pride and accomplishment), but now the performance tanked and I can't enjoy the gameplay. I didn't even get a chance to go to Baren. I grinded this far, now I have to grind through the air, it's really frustrating (I know it's going to get better but waaaaaaah). Ok, big boy pants. Is there a way to optimize what I do in order to NOT bog down the game? This time I tried to use minimal tethers. I did circumnavigate the world this time and dropped a bunch of beacons... but I don't know what I can do to keep. I have 11 medium batteries and 2 research bays sucking on some of that sweet space research.
  3. This has been an ongoing problem throughout the Astroneer versions. When I am well into my game and have everything researched and established, the game will crash. I'll restart, and after a little bit longer, crash. Restart, crash. It used to be that the game would only crash on save, but now it appears to just crash at random. One time I was creating a worklight, another I was just standing there getting ready to go into my mine. It's really frustrating because I really enjoy the game (I love this new update), but I can't ever get my base to be where I want it to be. I didn't even get to another planet yet!!! Is there any way to find out what is actually crashing the game?
  4. Freshmanrob

    "200 - Hotfix" - August 19th, 2017

    Programming is hard. Getting something to 100% takes a TON of effort, but getting something to 95% takes a ton less effort. So it's not worth it to put the time in for that last 5% of perfection. It sucks, but it's nearly impossible to catch everything. Once it hits the wild, some of those issues become more apparent and a fix is made.
  5. X box one user here with the 197 hotfix... The game still crashes when saving a game every once in a while. It seems to get worse the more stuff I have. Is this something other people are experiencing???
  6. Freshmanrob

    196 [Steam] Lost Rover, inverted metals...

    How slow is that thing?
  7. Freshmanrob

    [P196] Feedback on new research system

    I feel your pain. I'm tired of the grind-y nature of research right now too. Especially when you couple it with random crashes as you are bringing a stack back to your base.
  8. Freshmanrob

    Vehicles inordinately affected by windstorms

    In addition to this, it looks like by increasing the weight of the medium rover to increase stability, it's also reallllllllllllllllly slow when going uphill now when I have it in my caravan of 3 medium rovers. I'd like a rover that goes where I freaking want it to without getting hung up on EVERY. SINGLE. ROCK.
  9. Automatic tethers might be an improvement, and feasible with the current scheme. They would auto place when you are maximal distance from your last one. It would be easiest at a toggle-long press on the tether key. I play on Xbox, so anything that keeps me from moving the cursor from one place to another would help. I can also see nerfing the distance and pay a price for the automation (set it to auto place at 90% max distance for instance). I'm just trying to think of small, potentially easily coded solutions to make the game more fun. Thoughts?
  10. Freshmanrob

    Xbox One List of Bugs

    Directly from the patch notes... " Base conduit may sometimes extend off the intended trajectory. " I feel like a n00b.
  11. Freshmanrob

    Xbox One List of Bugs

    (Xbox One patch 196) This has been happening to me too!!! I go to make a new resin node, and either before I place the resin, or after... the connection will slide left or right at a weird angle. I'm going nuts because I can't make right angles for my storage farm. Is anybody else seeing this? My game hasn't crashed yet, so that's an improvement.
  12. Freshmanrob

    Game crash when saving

    Yeah, this save bug is making it unplayable. It does appear to be related to how much stuff the world has to save. Hopefully they are working on this for the next patch. I wonder if they are on track for their "one patch a month" cadence!
  13. Freshmanrob

    Flying rover

    Based on the Vlog 3 they posted... It sounds like a good workaround is to slow down so the physics can load. I have a train of 3 rovers and haven't floated into oblivion!
  14. I can definitely see utility in that for sure! Something to help get back up to speed after an update.
  15. Freshmanrob

    Flying rover

    Awesome! Thanks for the response. Is this something that you can see from the roadmap they posted, or is this too specific of a bug to be part of that?