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  1. I guess it'd fall under the "tips" category Great stuff!
  2. Update: Tethers can't be used solo/unconnected for light sources as of latest build. I suppose it will give a better indication of tethers that aren't connected, would be nice to have a light source without the need for tether strings everywhere.
  3. Fishpit

    Connecting bases 

    Posted all about this in my tips and tricks. ¬_¬
  4. Fishpit

    You can make a base from the soler panel crash.

    I posted about this on day one. And in the tips and tricks post i made. Nice work though.
  5. Fishpit

    ASTRONEER on Android????????????????? :O

    This is what I dislike about Android. No moderation on their store what so ever.
  6. FINALLY! After years of searching on multiple planets. We have found the remote!
  7. Fishpit

    Building a bridge to another planet

    Ahahah brilliant. Great work dude.
  8. Fishpit

    Building a bridge to another planet

    What does this look like from orbit by the way?
  9. Fishpit

    Building a bridge to another planet

    That's pretty damn cool. Nice work. Look forward to seeing a massive base up there. Get a vehicle bay and ship resources there with ease.
  10. Fishpit

    Mining Drill, am i doing it wrong?

    No worries! Happy astroneering!
  11. As OP said, either the lines have a recharge/transfer limit or it's no better than a standard solar. Will have to test when I find one again.
  12. Absolutely. Glad to be a part of the process. This feels like a lifehacks section of a woman's magazine. "Use a potato in 3 unbelievable new crazy tricks!"
  13. Fishpit

    Has the new update helped?

    My FPS seems to be sporadic. Like it's going from 60-30 in cycles when I'm wandering around. My GPU is pretty old tbh.